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Different Kinds of Weddings around the World

A wedding is actually a social ritual that allows a man and a woman to stay together lawfully. In various parts of this world, there are different kinds of wedding systems, which are different from

Different Kinds of Bias

Bias is a disproportionate weightage towards or against any person or any idea or any particular thing. Bias is basically a common phenomenon of a closed mind that is filled with prejudices and it forces

10 Characteristics of Molecules

We often heard the term “molecule” in some chemistry-related topics in school. You can either be one of those students who know the concept of molecules with all your heart or the other way around.

10 Characteristics of Moon

The Moon is just 384,000 km from the Earth, which makes it its nearest celestial neighbor. That’s why it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible about its main characteristics. After all, we

Characteristics of Insects

Insects are one of the most important species in any ecosystem. Their products are often transformed into other useful substances like silk, honey, and more. What makes these small and resilient organisms stand out and

Characteristics of Igneous Rock

Studying rock formations helped researchers and geologists to know the historical information of the planet. Different kinds of rocks can tell different stories. For example, if you want to know more about the volcanic processes