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Characteristics of Emotions

The definition of the word “emotion” itself doesn’t have scientific consensus at the moment. However, according to Michel Cabanac in “Behavioural Processes,” emotion is “any mental experience with high intensity and high hedonic content.” Aristotle

Characteristics of Reptiles

When people think about reptiles, they usually think about big snakes or a giant lizard walking slowly. Did you know that turtles are reptiles, too? There’s a lot of misconception about reptiles, partly due to

Characteristics of the Tundra

Tundra is a biome in which the climate is cold, days are windy, and rainfall is scarce. These treeless regions can be found on many mountain tops and in the Arctic. Throughout most of the

How Should You Back Up an iPhone on Your Computer

Backing up your iPhone is essential in making sure that no important data gets wiped off in the instance that your phone gets damaged or experiences software failure. The great thing about iPhone is that

Characteristics of Civilization

There are reports that state that anatomically modern humans started existing about 200,000 years ago. Not much is known about the first human civilizations which appeared on the planet thousands of years ago. However, it

Characteristics of Aluminum

If you’re into cooking, you probably used aluminum foil once or twice to make cooking easier and faster. Once used, you can discard the foil and replace it with another roll if you need more.