Business Etiquettes Are Important

Each country follows certain business etiquette and it is important to know about them. The customs followed by every country are different and when you are doing some trade with foreign countries, you should be well versed with the etiquettes they follow.

  1. China

Never show up to any business meeting without a gift. When you do offer a gift, they will reject it many times before accepting it. So, be prepared to keep gifts handy when you are on a business visit to China.

  1. Russia
  • Punctuality is of utmost importance for Russians, so when you have a business meeting in Russia, keep in mind to be on time.
  • However, the same theory does not apply to Russians though. They are free to reach late as per their convenience. So, be patient as it’s definitely worth the wait.
  1. Japan

Business cards are not as important as they used to be a few years back. However, if you are dealing with Japanese clients, be ready with your business cards.

  • Hand over the business cards using both your hands and facing the Japanese. When it comes to accepting the card from them, you should do the same. Accept it with both hands.
  • The cards must be in the best condition. It should be free from any kind of marks. To avoid any kind of disrespect being shown to them, get the business cards freshly printed if they have not been in use for a long time.
  1. United Arab Emirates

Left-handers may have a hard time in the United Arab Emirates as people out there think it is unclean to use the left hand.

  • You must shake hands, eat and write on documents with your right hand only.
  • When you use the left hand for these purposes, it is considered as a sign of disrespect and insult.
  1. India

The cow is a sacred animal for Indians and hence during business dinners, be watchful about what you are ordering. To build a good rapport with Indians, avoid ordering foods like steak, hamburger, or spaghetti with meatballs. These foods contain beef and it is a sign of disrespect.

  1. Belgium

When in Belgium, spare a few extra minutes to say hello to them. Other countries are happy with a simple handshake, but in Belgium, the handshake is followed by a kiss.

  • It is their tradition to greet people in that manner. Once they build a good business relationship with others, they greet them by air-kissing three times.
  • They start with the right cheek, then the left one and lastly it is the left cheek once more. If you don’t follow these customs, it is considered to be offensive.
  1. United Kingdom

When it comes to British clients, they always show some signs of discreteness. They follow a custom when they need to discuss something confidential with their business clients. The moment you see them tapping their nose, they are about to talk about something important. It also means that whatever they discuss is highly confidential and cannot be discussed with any other party.