How much does it cost to get a piano refinished?

Refinishing can be anywhere from $1500-$7500+ depending on the type of piano, the condition of the piano, where the piano is located and many other things. There are lots of factors in determining a refinishing quote that can affect the cost of your quote.

Can a baby grand piano be refinished?

Restored pianos hold their value longer than brand new pianos. 3. Pianos can be refinished during restoration to achieve a customized look.

Is it worth restoring an old piano?

If a piano has experienced a fire, flood, or moving damage, it may not be worth putting the money into it. … However, smaller, low-priced (originally) pianos often have limited potential. Cost of repairs vs. replacement – Extensive rebuilding/restoration may be more than the cost of a new, comparable piano.

Can you repaint a grand piano?

The short answer is no, painting a piano won’t cause a big enough of a change to the sound to notice. That is, as long as you don’t paint the sound board (the back piece in the piano’s case). From what I’ve read from pianists and tuners, painting a piano won’t hurt the sound at all.

Can you paint a baby grand piano?

You can use it straight out of the jar if you want a more textured look, but if you want a smoother finish you can water it down which has the added benefit of making it go further. I only used about 2/3 of the 16 oz jar to paint this piano. … For more on this painted piano, click here!

Can I restore a piano myself?

Restoring a piano is labor-intensive, but you can do it yourself with a few tools and furniture restoration supplies. It is not advisable to restore your piano by yourself if it is a valuable antique; that is better left to a professional with a high degree of expertise.

How much does it cost to have a piano tuned?

The average price to tune a piano ranges from $65 to $225, and the cost can increase by several hundred dollars if the piano requires multiple tuning sessions or repairs. Piano tuning is a skill that only experienced professionals should do.

Can you refinish a piano yourself?

If you love the traditional look of a wooden piano and you just can’t bring yourself to paint over the natural grain, you can still give your old piano a new finish by staining it.

Can I spray paint a piano?

How do you spray paint a piano? Not just any spray finish, spray paint a piano with a high gloss white spray finish – in situ. Ron knows how. The project was not without its challenges, but after drawing on a lot of specialist experience within the Traditional Painter group, this is the end result!

What does refurbished piano mean?

Refurbished – Pianos that are refurbished go through a lot of work, such as all the aforementioned types of. work. In addition, refurbished pianos have new or reshaped hammers, new strings, a refinished appearance, and regulation of the piano action. Refurbished Pianos are as Good as New.

What is the finish on a grand piano?

Most piano finishes are either lacquer or polyester. Lacquer was the finish on most pianos made in the first three-quarters of the 20th century, but it is gradually being supplanted by polyester.

Can I use Old English on a piano?

I have used some Old English products on my piano but the finish is really far gone so most of the time I don’t bother with more than wiping with a damp cloth to get the dust off. Once in a while though I will use Formby’s Lemon Oil treatment on it.

Can a piano be rebuilt?

Rebuilding a piano is a large, time-consuming project that can take almost as much time as the construction of a new instrument by the original manufacturer. Quality rebuilding work is very expensive, easily ranging from $25,000 to $40,000, or even more, for a first-class restoration of a high-quality instrument.

Is there a blue book for pianos?

The Bluebook of Pianos is an invaluable handbook for anyone who owns or plans to buy a piano. After an illustrated discussion of piano structure that explains the workings of both grand and upright pianos, the book gives careful advice for purchasing a new or used piano.

What is the difference between refurbished and restored?

As adjectives the difference between restored and refurbished. is that restored is pertaining to something or someone renewed or rebuilt while refurbished is rebuilt or replenished with all new material; or, restored to original (or better) working order and appearance.