What does the name piranha mean?

Piranhas are South American fish with razor-sharp teeth and a reputation for feeding frenzies. In fact, piranha means “tooth fish” in the Brazilian language of the Tupi people. … The most commonly known species is Pygocentrus natterei, the red-bellied piranha.

Where does the name piranha come from?

The name originates from the indigenous Tupi people and their respective Tupi language. It is formed from two words, pirá meaning fish and sainha meaning tooth; the same word is used by Indians to describe a pair of scissors. Or pira nya, probably literally “biting-fish”.

What does piranha mean in Portuguese slang?

Piranha is a kind of fish. As a bad word, it has the same meaning as puta, explained above. It is an insult to women and should not be used. Unfortunately, during the carnival season, it is very common for men to dress up as sexy women and call themselves ‘piranhas’.

What is the another name for piranha?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for piranha, like: pirana, fish, marauder, predator, caribe, man-eating fish, vulture, plec, catfish, cichlid and shovelnose.

What language is the word piranha?

History and Etymology for piranha

Portuguese, from Tupi pirã́ja, pirã́nʸa, from pirá fish + ã́ja, ã́nʸa tooth.

Is piranha a Spanish word?

The term entered English via Portuguese (as piranha) and Spanish (as piraña).