Where did Shanann Watts family live?

Shanann’s Parents are Frank and Sandra Rzucek. The couple is based in North Carolina. They made a good life for their kids Shanann and Frankie in spite of coming from financially challenged backgrounds.

What is the address of Chris Watts House?

According to a Realtor.com report, the house is located at 2825 Saratoga Trail, Frederick, Colorado, and it was built in 2013. The couple purchased the brand-new home for $399,954 in May 2013.

Does anyone live in the Watts family home?

Technically, Chris still owns it. After the murders, no one was living in it and it was put on the market. But there have been no buyers, according to Realtor.com. The house was built in 2013 and a lender owned the mortgage.

What happened to the Watts House in Colorado?

One Year After Netflix Documentary, Murderer Chris Watts’ Home Remains in Purgatory. The Colorado house where Chris Watts strangled his enceinte wife before leaving to murder his two young daughters remains in legal purgatory.

What town did Chris Watts live in?

Frederick, Colorado
Chris Watts’ house is in Frederick, Colorado. The home is an 5-bedroom property.

Where did Chris Watts get bodies?

Police found the bodies of Shanann, Bella and Celeste where Chris told his father they would be: At a job site for Anadarko Petroleum Company. The girls were inside of oil tanks and Shanann was buried in what was described as a “shallow grave.”

Is the Watts house empty?

Since Watts’ arrest, the Frederick, Colorado, house – which was purchased in 2013, according to Realtor – has remained vacant. He defaulted on the mortgage, and the lender foreclosed on the home, People has reported. … As the house remains vacant, Watts is still the technical owner, People reports.

How long is Chris Watts in jail for?

Chris Watts was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his enceinte wife and two daughters. Chris Watts celebrated his 36th birthday in prison, where he is serving a life sentence for the murders of his enceinte wife and two daughters, who he killed and left their bodies on his job site in 2018.

How were Bella and Cece found?

He dumped the bodies of his children in two oil tankers, where he worked. The bodies were found four days later. … They were later found submerged in the tankers – Bella in her pajama-style top featuring hearts and butterflies and Celeste in a pink top and diaper and underwear.

Did Chris Watts pass the polygraph test?

Even though there’s controversy around whether polygraph tests work, Watts not only failed the polygraph test, but he got among the lowest possible scores on it. Generally, a score of -4 is considered failing a polygraph, and he scored a -18, according to Distractify.

Did they find Chris Watts family?

Christopher was fired by the company on August 15, the day of his arrest. The authorities located the bodies of the Watts family on the Anadarko Petroleum site on August 16. The girls’ bodies were found in crude oil storage tanks, while Shanann was buried in a shallow grave nearby.

Is Cocomelon a tribute to the Watts family?

‘Cocomelon’ might be tied to the Watts family, but it’s not based on them. … Plus, Cocomelon’s official IMDb page’s only trivia fact is that, “Cocomelon is honoring the memory of CeCe, Bella, and Nico Watts – whose lives were stolen in 2018 by their father, Chris Watts.”

Is Chris Watts still alive in jail?

Watts is housed at Dodge Correctional Institution, a maximum-security prison, in Waupun, Wisc. He was moved out of Colorado for security reasons.

Why did Christopher Lee Watts murder his family?

The FBI joins the search for the missing mother and daughters. Chris fails a polygraph test and confesses to his father Ronnie — and then officials — that he killed Shan’ann, but falsely claims that the reason for his murder was because she had smothered their daughters.

Where is Christopher Lee Watts?

He is currently serving five life sentences plus 48 years in prison without the chance of parole. Watts told pen pal Cheryln Cadle in 2019 that he was still in love with Kessinger and assumed that some of the letters he got in prison were from her writing under assumed names.

Where is Scott Watts now?

Watts is currently in custody at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin, after being relocated from a Colorado prison for security reasons.