How much is a Kenny Lofton baseball card worth?

Kenny Lofton Rookie Cards
Item Title ▼Price
(800) 1992 Topps Kenny Lofton Rookie Card Lot RC #69$17.99
1985 University of Arizona Wildcats-KENNY LOFTON (Rookie card)- SGC 92 (NM-MT+)$79.95
1991 Bowman Kenny Lofton Rookie Card #565$0.11
1992 Pinnacle Kenny Lofton Rookie – Basketball Uniform – MINT$0.99

Are James Lofton and Kenny Lofton related?

In 14 minor league seasons, he was a . 272 hitter with 55 home runs and 504 RBI in 1173 games. Lofton is not believed to be related to former MLB outfielder Kenny Lofton.

Did Kenny Lofton ever win a World Series?

Lofton was a six-time All-Star (1994–1999), four-time Gold Glove Award winner (1993–1996), and at retirement, was ranked 15th among all-time stolen base leaders with 622. … Lofton made 11 postseason appearances, including World Series appearances in 1995 and 2002 with the Indians and Giants, respectively.

How tall is Kenny Lofton?

6′ 0″
Kenny Lofton/Height

Does Sterling Sharpe have a Super Bowl ring?

Since he was unable to continue playing, and was not on the Packers team that won Super Bowl XXXI in 1996, his brother Shannon gave him the first of the three Super Bowl rings he has won, citing him as a major influence in his life by saying: “The two people who influenced me the most, good or bad, are Sterling and my …

Does James Lofton have a Super Bowl ring?

During his nine seasons with the Pack, Lofton would play 136 games, catch 530 passes for 9,656 yards and 76 overall touchdowns (75 receiving, one rushing). … Lofton would go on to play in two Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills, but he never did capture that ring.

Who is Kenny Lofton’s son?

2 Kenneth Lofton, Jr.

PRIOR TO LA TECH: As a senior, led Port Arthur High School to 29 wins and a share of the 21-5A district title … Rated as the third best senior in the Greater Houston area by RCS Sports and the 19th best senior in the state of Texas by Texas Basketball Review …

When was Kenny Lofton drafted?

Draft: Drafted by the Houston Astros in the 17th round of the 1988 MLB June Amateur Draft from University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ).

Is Albert Belle in the Hall of Fame?

Today, Belle finds himself being considered for the game’s greatest honor: Hall of Fame election. Belle is one of 10 finalists on this year’s Today’s Game Era ballot that will be considered by the committee on managers, umpires, executives and long-retired players at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

What happened Kenny Lofton?

Kenny Lofton is 54 now. He has a different passion these days. In 2004, he started a TV and film production company called Filmpool Inc. He released a film, “Chokehold,” in 2019.

Who has the most stolen bases in a season?

Hugh Nicol
Single-Season Leaders & Records for Stolen Bases
RankPlayer (age that year)Stolen Bases
1.Hugh Nicol (29)138
2.Rickey Henderson+ (23)130
3.Arlie Latham (27)129
4.Lou Brock+ (35)118

Where is Kenny Lofton from?

Kenny Lofton/Place of birth

What number was Kenny Lofton?

Lofton, who wore uniform number 7, did not disappoint. He hit . 285, and his 66 steals set a record for American League rookies.

Who has the fifth most steals in MLB history?

Carl Crawford is the most recent player to steal 6 bases in a game….5 stolen bases, one game.PlayerDavey LopesSB5TeamLos Angeles DodgersDateAugust 24, 1974OpponentSt. Louis Cardinals

Who has the most strikeouts in MLB history?

Nolan Ryan+Career Leaders & Records for StrikeoutsRankPlayer (yrs, age)Strikeouts1.Nolan Ryan+ (27)57142.Randy Johnson+ (22)48753.Roger Clemens (24)46724.Steve Carlton+ (24)4136

How old is Rickey Henderson the baseball player?

63 years (December 25, 1958)
Rickey Henderson/Age

How many balls do you need to get a walk in a baseball game?

In baseball is there a limit to how many balls a batter can get? In fact, there is a limit of four balls. It’s called a walk.

Who has hit the most home runs?

Barry Bonds
Career Leaders & Records for Home Runs
RankPlayer (yrs, age)Home Runs
1.Barry Bonds (22)762
2.Henry Aaron+ (23)755
3.Babe Ruth+ (22)714
4.Alex Rodriguez (22)696

Who has stolen home plate the most?

Ty CobbThe MLB’s career leader in swipes of home is Ty Cobb, who holds the single-season record with eight (1912). The first World Series game of 1955 saw Jackie Robinson do it.

What does SB mean in baseball?

Stolen Base
Stolen Base (SB) Stolen-base Percentage (SB%) Total Bases (TB) Triple (3B)

Why does a walk not count as an at-bat?

In short, a walk is not an At-Bat (AB) because At-Bats are used to calculate a player’s batting average. Including walks as an At-Bat would considerably change a player’s batting average, so walks are removed as an official At-Bat.

What does R stand for in baseball?

Definition. A player is awarded a run if he crosses the plate to score his team a run. When tallying runs scored, the way in which a player reached base is not considered. If a player reaches base by an error or a fielder’s choice, as long as he comes around to score, he is still credited with a run.

What does WP mean in baseball?

wild pitch
A pitcher is charged with a wild pitch when his pitch is so errant that the catcher is unable to control it and, as a result, baserunner(s) advance.

What does po mean in baseball?

Definition. A fielder is credited with a putout when he is the fielder who physically records the act of completing an out — whether it be by stepping on the base for a forceout, tagging a runner, catching a batted ball, or catching a third strike.

What is io baseball?

IO (in and out)