Is dual OverHead cam better than single?

DOHC is better for performance because you will get more horsepower with it. SOHC is better for reliability. A SOHC engine contains much lesser parts, which will make it more reliable.

What is the advantage of dual OverHead cam?

The main benefit of dual overhead cams is that they allow an engine to have four valves per cylinder. Each camshaft operates two of the valves, one camshaft handles the intake valves, and one handles the exhaust valves.

What is the difference between a SOHC and DOHC engine?

A SOHC is simply a single camshaft regulating both the inlet and the outlet of gases and DOHC is double camshaft that has a dedicated setup for inlet and outlet of gases. This further implies that a DOHC has double inlet and exhaust valves as compared to SOHC.

What is the advantage of a Twin cam engine?

Since DOHC or twin-cam engines have improved airflow through the cylinders, they are often comparatively more powerful and offer better acceleration. They can also improve efficiency, which translates to money saved at the gas pump. In addition, DOHC engines generally run quieter and more smoothly.