Is there going to be Ark 2?

Ark: the Animated Series was announced together with Ark 2, and will release in 2022. Studio Wildcard co-created and produced the series together with director Jay Oliva (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns).

What time is Ark 2 coming out?

It was announced at the Game Awards 2020, and will be a survival sandbox similar to the first game, releasing on PC and next-gen consoles. ARK 2 takes place after the events of Genesis: Part 2 on an alien planet.

Release history.
December 10, 2020ARK 2 is announced at the Game Awards with a reveal trailer.

Has Ark 2 been announced?

At The Game Awards in 2020, Ark 2 was announced, along with involvement from professional actor and nerd Vin Diesel, plus an animated series that’s confirmed to feature a star-studded cast.

Is Ark 2 a movie?

Ark 2 is the sequel to the most successful movie Ark and fans are going crazy for the release of the game anytime soon in 2022.

Is Ark still popular 2021?

Ark has had its ups and downs in its past few years but 2021 hasn’t let ark down considering it has maintained its active player base and has started growing on twitch at the same time.

How popular is Ark 2021?
MonthAvg. Players% Gain
May 202145,419.0-2.70%

Why is Vin Diesel in Ark 2?

According to a press release sent to PC Gamer, Vin Diesel has joined Studio Wildcard as an executive producer on Ark 2, and is also serving as an executive producer on the Ark animated series coming in 2022. This dual role could explain his new title: Diesel is now Studio Wildcard’s “President of Creative Convergence.”

Who does Vin Diesel play in Ark 2?

Share All sharing options for: Vin Diesel is a dinosaur hunter in Ark 2. Ark: Survival Evolved is returning for a sequel with Ark 2, starring Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel. The news was announced today during The Game Awards with a trailer. Diesel will play a character named Santiago.

Is the Ark 2 trailer real?

Out of nowhere Studio Wildcard dropped a 4-minute cinematic reveal trailer for Ark 2. … Studio Wildcard later said on Twitter that the trailer was made completely in-engine with real game assets. It’s hard to believe the final game will look quite this good when it releases, but it’s nonetheless impressive.

How much will Ark 2 be?

Ark 2 Price

The price for one of the most awaited games is still unknown to the public, but it is expected that it will be around $29.99-$59.99, as the Studio Wildcard will opt for a full commercial release in the coming days ahead.

Who is Rockwell in Ark?

Edmund Rockwell was a 19th century London chemist. Ever since he woke up on the Island, Rockwell was curious about the wondrous properties the flora and fauna have. With his keen intellect for his time, he became the tribe leader of a neutral tribe on the Island.

What game engine will ARK 2 use?

Unreal Engine
Watch the ARK II World Premiere Trailer made with in-engine graphics and game assets using the latest Unreal Engine.

Does Gerard Butler play ark?

Gerard Butler plays General Gaius Marcellus Nerva, a brutal ancient Roman despot. Devery Jacobs plays Alasie, a peppy 17th century Inuit teenager, now finding her place on the ARK. Cissy Jones plays The Gladiatrix, a formidable commander in Nerva’s army.

Who is Helena Ark?

Helena is a 21st century or present-day biologist and palaeontologist from Australia and a resident on The Island Ark. She was excited to study the wildlife, most notably dinosaurs, that call the Island ARK her home. … Helena is also the protagonist of the upcoming ARK: The Animated Series.

Is Rockwell deceased Ark?

Together, they left the Scorched Earth ARK with the help of Raia, ending up on Aberration. … He seemingly met his end when he was confronted by Helena and Mei-Yin in combat, but survived to become the de facto Overseer of the Aberration ARK.

How many bosses are in Ark?

There are 4 main categories of bosses within Ark that branch out specifically because of lore and gameplay.

What is Arat prime?

Arat Prime is a mysterious location on the far side of Earth from Sanctuary City, somehow related to both the ARKs and the Genesis Simulation. In modern times, Turkey’s Mount Ararat is associated with the story of Noah’s Ark in the book of Genesis.

How many Explorer notes are in Ark?

There are 120 explorer notes that are scattered all around the map. Thankfully you can use cheat commands to teleport to their locations.

What is ARK Genesis?

ARK: Genesis represents a new, story-oriented beginning in ARK’s epic saga of survival. With a strangely familiar companion, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests. Only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring will you uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.

Is there a story in ARK?

Is ARK Genesis part of the story?

ARK: Genesis Season Pass. … ARK: Genesis represents a new, story-oriented beginning in ARK’s epic saga of survival. With a strangely familiar companion, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests. Only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring will you uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.

Is ARK extinction on Earth?

Description. Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’, where the story began and ends: on Earth itself! An Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic & technological, Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation.

What is the final boss in ARK?

Overseer –
Overseer – Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki.

What is the goal in ARK?

In the game, players must survive being stranded on an island filled with roaming dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, natural hazards, and potentially hostile human players.

What is the max level on ARK?

Max Levels

As of June 2021, the maximum player level is 180. (Survivors start at level 1. 104 levels can be gained normally, 60 gained by defeating end-game bosses, 10 gained from collecting all Explorer Notes on every map, and 5 acquired by leveling up a Chibi, a cosmetic event pet.)

Can you tame Alpha Wyvern?

Unlike the other types of Wyverns, these can only be tamed by knocking them out, and taming them with Wyvern Milk. … Both Vanilla and Alpha wyverns can equip these Zombie Wyvern costumes.