What is the name for Fe3N2?

Iron(II) Nitride. Alias: Ferrous Nitride. Formula: Fe3N2.

What is the ionic formula for iron III nitrate?

Ferric nitrate | Fe(NO3)3 – PubChem.

What is Cu3N2?

Copper(II) Nitride. Alias: Cupric Nitride. Formula: Cu3N2.

What is the formula of nitride?

The nitride ion’s formula is N3-. Nitrogen atoms need three electrons to fill its outer valence shell, which is 2p. The nucleus of a nitrogen atom…

What is the formula of Iron III chloride?

Iron(III) chloride/Formula

What is copper2 nitride?

What is the formula for iron 2 nitride?

Iron Nitride (Fe2N) Properties (Theoretical)
Compound FormulaFe2N
Molecular Weight125.697
Melting Point200 °C (dec.)
Boiling PointN/A

What is the formula of iron oxide?

Iron(III) oxide/Formula

What is the chemical formula for iron III phosphide?

The formula for iron (III) phosphide is FeP.

What is the formula for cobalt III nitride?

Cobalt(III) nitrate/Formula

What is the formula of calcium oxide?

Calcium oxide/Formula

What is the correct formula for iron III sulfide?

Iron(III) sulfide/Formula

What is the molecular formula of chromium III phosphide?

Chromium(III) phosphate/Formula

What is the formula of sodium oxide?

Sodium oxide/Formula

What is the calcium formula?

Calcium ion | Ca+2 – PubChem.

What is the formula of hydrogen sulphide?

Hydrogen sulfide/Formula

What is the formula for sodium nitride?

Sodium nitride/Formula

What is the formula for calcium nitride?

Calcium nitride/Formula

What is the formula for iron III fluoride?

Iron(III) fluoride/Formula

What is Na2?

Na2 refers to a diatomic molecule containing two Na atoms bonded together. The two are very different chemicals and you would be docked lots of points if you arbitrarily jumped between the two throughout the treatment of a problem.

Which is the formula of a binary compound?

Binary compounds are compounds that were made from two different elements. They have a formula of A+B→AB .

What is the formula of NA 1 and n 3?

When it forms the nitride ion, it gains three electrons to form a 3- ion: N3− . In ionic compounds, the charges of constituent ions must balance. This can be achieved by having three sodium ions per nitride ion. Therefore, the formula of sodium nitride is Na3N .

What is the chemical formula for barium nitride?

Barium nitride (Ba3N2)
PubChem CID15251597
Molecular FormulaBa3N2
SynonymsBarium nitride (Ba3N2) Barium nitride azanidylidenebarium;barium(2+) 12047-79-9 Bariumnitrid More…
Molecular Weight440.0
DatesModify 2021-12-25 Create 2007-02-09

How do you write nitride?

Nitrides contain the nitride ion (N3), and, similar to carbides, nitrides can be classified into three general categories: ionic, interstitial, and covalent.