What is the closest major airport to Ocala Florida?

Gainesville Regional
What airports are near Ocala? The closest airport is Gainesville Regional (GNV) (35.62 mi). Other nearby airports are Orlando Sanford Intl (SFB) (61.06 mi), Daytona Beach (DAB) (65.08 mi), Orlando All airports (ORL) (65.91 mi) or St. Augustine Northeast Florida Regional (UST) (71.61 mi).

How far is Ocala Florida from the beach?

Situated inland near the middle of Florida, the city of Ocala is 75 miles from the nearest ocean beach. However, white-sand beaches and tropical getaways can be found nearby in Ocala National Forest.

Is Ocala Florida a good place to live?

Ocala is also a great city to live in for families. The median age is about 38.7 and there are many young kids. Beyond that, the Ocala demographics break down into 61.6% White, 19.4% Black, and 13.3% Hispanic. The poverty rate is about 20%, which is slightly above the national average.

How far is Ocala from Disney?

The distance between Ocala and Walt Disney World is 64 miles. The road distance is 78.4 miles.

Has Ocala Florida ever been hit by a hurricane?

Ocala has never been hit by a hurricane. It does get the remnants in the form of tropical storms which can damage roofs, blow down trees and of course damage mobile and manufactured homes. … Ocala property insurance rates are much lower than in south Florida for this reason.

Is it expensive to live in Ocala Florida?

Ocala is a beautiful city located in North Central Florida. … For example, the overall cost of living for the USA is 100, whereas Ocala lands at 87.9 The median housing cost in the country is around $231,200 and the median housing cost in Ocala is at $148,200.

Is Ocala cheap to live?

Ocala is an Affordable Place to Live

Finance depicted the 30 most affordable downtown areas to live across the United States. With a median home price of $248,700 and a median rent of $1,289, downtown Ocala, Florida ranked number ten on the list.

Is Ocala FL a safe city?

Ocala was recognized as one of the best and safest places to live and retire in the United States. According to a new U.S. News & World Report that analyzed 150 metro areas in the United States, Ocala ranked among the highest places in the U.S. and Florida to live for the upcoming year.

What is the racial makeup of Ocala Florida?

The racial makeup of the city was 72.9% White, 22.1% African American, 0.4% Native American, 1.2% Asian, <0.1% Pacific Islander, 1.8% from other races, and 1.6% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 5.7% of the population.

What are winters like in Ocala Florida?

In Ocala, the summers are long, hot, oppressive, and mostly cloudy; the winters are short, cool, and partly cloudy; and it is wet year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 45°F to 90°F and is rarely below 31°F or above 95°F.

What is the average electric bill in Ocala Florida?

Cost of Living in Ocala
Utilities (Monthly)Edit
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment166.79$
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans)0.30$
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)88.33$

Who lives in Ocala Florida?

Six Celebrities Who Live Right Here In Ocala
  • John Travolta. You know him from “Grease,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Saturday Night Fever”, and a long list of major motion pictures from the last three decades. …
  • Kelly Preston. …
  • Bruce Swedien. …
  • Mel Tillis. …
  • Bobby Goldsboro. …
  • Steve Morse.

What’s Ocala known for?

horse capital of the world
Ocala is located in Marion County. The city is well known for its hundreds of thoroughbred horse farms. Ocala and Marion County are known as the “horse capital of the world.” The horse farms are situated in attractive rolling green pastures. The area also features numerous rivers and lakes.

Is Ocala a big city?

Is Costco coming to Ocala FL?

Costco is coming to Ocala! … The hiring is not for the planned wholesale club that many continue to clamor after in Ocala. Instead, Costco bought the logistics company that operates out of the former Kmart Distribution Center at 655 SW 52nd Ave., according to a press release.

Does Reba have a house in Ocala?

The 83-acre property is listed for $7.9 million and is located on a street name perfect for a country tune: Old Hickory Lane. Reba’s place is called Starstruck Farm and includes a 12,800-square-foot Colonial house that overlooks a lake.

Are there tornadoes in Ocala Florida?

The risk of tornado damage in Ocala is lower than Florida average and is higher than the national average.

Are there mosquitoes in Ocala Florida?

After Hurricane Irma, there have been more mosquitoes in the Ocala area than usual. Some residents have put their neighborhood walks on hold due to the increased number of mosquitoes. “I can’t even work in my yard,” said Dawn Yaklovich, an Ocala resident.

Where are the new Costco stores being built in Florida?


– Costco, the Pacific Northwest-based big box chain, plans to open a new location in Brevard County in early December. According to the company’s website, the new location in Viera — 4305 Pineda Causeway — on Dec. 9.

Are the bugs bad in Florida?

Yes, bugs are bad in Florida because of our tropical climate, But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Hire an exterminator to spray regularly if you have an inside bug problem. Keep a clean house, especially the kitchen. Most cities have mosquito control.