What is the pattern in the values in the identification field of the IP part of the packet?

7. Describe the pattern you see in the values in the Identification field of the IP datagram The pattern is that the IP header Identification fields increment with each ICMP Echo (ping) request.

Which of the fields must stay constant?

The fields that must stay constant are:

Header length (since these are ICMP packets) Source IP (since we are sending from the same source) Destination IP (since we are sending to the same dest) Differentiated Services (since all packets are ICMP they use the same Type of Service class)

What is the value in the time to live TTL field in this IPv4 datagram’s header?

Under the Internet Protocol, TTL is an 8-bit field. In the IPv4 header, TTL is the 9th octet of 20. In the IPv6 header, it is the 8th octet of 40. The maximum TTL value is 255, the maximum value of a single octet.

What is the TTL value of the first echo request ICMP packet?

The TTL field was unchanged since the TTL for the nearest router is always the same (Linux, TTL 64). 10. Find the first ICMP Echo Request message that was sent by your computer after you changed the Packet Size in pingplotter to be 2000.