What was Benjamin Franklin most important thing?

Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father and a polymath, inventor, scientist, printer, politician, freemason and diplomat. Franklin helped to draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and he negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War.

What did Benjamin Franklin do to make him important?

Common-law marriage to Deborah Read At age 17 in 1723, Franklin proposed to 15-year-old Deborah Read while a boarder in the Read home.

How did Ben Franklin change the world?

He Changed the World with The Power of His Pen He was directly involved with editing the Declaration of Independence, was a trusted voice at the Constitutional Convention, which led to the United States Constitution, and was integral to writing the Treaty of Paris, which officially ended the Revolutionary War.

Did Ben Franklin invent the stove?

One of his early inventions, the Franklin stove, was invented to help colonists heat their homes more efficiently and safely. … In an effort to solve the problem of heat escaping up the chimney, Franklin developed a freestanding cast-iron fireplace, called the Pennsylvania Fireplace, in 1741.

What is Ben Franklin’s legacy?

Benjamin Franklin was the only Founding Father to have signed all three documents that freed America from Britain, the Declaration of Independence, The Treaty of Paris and the United States Constitution. He convinced the French to financially help America against Britain during the American Revolutionary War.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s best accomplishment?

Probably his most important accomplishment was being one of the authors of the American Declaration of Independence. In 1776 he appointed as a member of the Committee of Five that would go on to draft the Declaration.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s impact on the Revolutionary War?

During the American Revolution, he served in the Second Continental Congress and helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He also negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War (1775-83).

Who did Benjamin Franklin inspire?

Important People Related to the Topic

Some of the most prominent of these people include: Pierre Augustin Caron Beaumarchais (1732-1799): Author of The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro, Beaumarchais was influenced by Franklin to give financial support to the Revolutionary War (Wright 1990, 277).

Was Benjamin Franklin well respected?

In between, Franklin did a lot of things and he was probably the most well-known American in the world at the time of his death, and one of the most respected. Franklin’s list of achievements in business, journalism, science, charity and politics is too long to recount here.