How do I make a supercell account?

Setting up a Supercell ID is free and easy. Just enter your game’s settings and tap the button under ”Supercell ID” to get started.

How do I get my supercell ID and password?

Recover your Supercell ID
  1. Search your email accounts for any messages mentioning Supercell ID. This will help you figure out with which email you created your Supercell ID.
  2. Then, once you know with which email you signed up, enter the in-game Settings, tap on “Disconnected” and login.

Are supercell IDS free?

Supercell ID is a service that allows you to safeguard your game account and easily play your Supercell game accounts on all of your mobile devices. Setting up a Supercell ID is free and easy, and there are no passwords: on login, a fresh verification code is sent to you.

How do I create a new clash of clans account with supercell ID?

Attaching the first account to Supercell ID:
  1. Configure your device with the correct Google or Game Center account.
  2. Open up the game. The account associated with your Google account or Game Center will load.
  3. Open Settings and tap the button under the heading “Supercell ID.” Then select “Register New.”

How do I add a supercell ID?

Go to settings (top right corner with three horizontal dash stacked together). Click “Supercell ID.” Connect your current game account to a Supercell ID. Once connected, repeat the first step again.

What is the code of supercell creator?

How to Use
NameCreator CodeUse Code In-Game
Alvaro845alvaro845Clash of Clans Brawl Stars
AmieNicoleamieClash of Clans Brawl Stars
AnikiloanikiloClash of Clans Brawl Stars
Anon MoosezmotClash of Clans Brawl Stars

Can you have multiple supercell accounts on one email?

Supercell ID is the only supported method for playing several game accounts on the same device. … The account associated with your Google account or Game Center will load. Open Settings and tap the button under the heading “Supercell ID.” Then select “Register New.”

Can you change supercell ID email?

How do I change my SuperCell ID email? In the settings section you will have several options available to be able to modify, change or delete your Super Cell accounts. From there you will start the email change process within the platform.

Can you have multiple accounts on supercell ID?

Once registered in one Supercell game, other games can be connected by logging in to the Supercell ID in each game. Supercell ID also allows easy management of multiple game accounts. Players can simply switch between multiple Supercell IDs on the same device.

How many supercell IDs are there on one device?

When you are logged on to a device and have any Supercell game installed, you can link up to 50 email addresses or Supercell IDs on that installation or user account. For Android devices: If you have a device where you can switch (Google/Android) users, you can save 50 email addresses or Supercell IDs per account.

What is supercell email address?

You can send us an email at [email protected].

How do I make a second COC account?

All you need to do is to get the app and open it. Tap the “+” icon, find COC and add it. Now open Clash of Clans that you just added to Parallel Space, go to game “Settings” and then sign in the second account that you wish to load. You now have 2 COC accounts running simultaneously.

How do I join the crystal league?

Who is the owner of supercell?

Supercell/Parent organizations
For Supercell specifically, its majority owner, Tencent, is in hot water in the U.S. (a major market for Supercell); and it’s sitting on a still-popular but now-ageing game franchise that you could argue is in the middle of its own Battle Royale against the many other big games that are vying for people’s attention ( …

How do I contact supercell in Brawl?

Does supercell track IP?

Data we collect from our partners.

Demographic data (such as to determine the coarse location of your IP address) Data to fight fraud (such as refund abuse in games or click fraud in advertising) … Data for advertising and analytics purposes (such as surveys), so we can provide you a better Service.

Who created brawl stars?

Brawl Stars/Developers

Is Supercell Chinese app?

Supercell Oy is a Finnish mobile game development company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Is COC Chinese game?

Clash Of Clans is a mobile strategy video game that was developed by Supercell, which is a Finnish game developer. … Tencent is a Chinese company, therefore it can be said that Clash Of Clans is currently owned by a Chinese brand.

Why is Lou named Lou in Brawl Stars?

Is Starr Park a real place?

Starr Park is a small pocket park that is about 1/4 of an acre in size. The park was named after the late Ernie Starr who was Nampa’s Mayor from 1961 to 1981. The park was developed and opened to the public in the summer of 2008.

Is COC banned in India?

275 Apps including PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans are being considered for ban in India. The Indian Government is monitoring 275 Chinese apps for violation of national security and user privacy, as reported by the Economic Times.

Why is COC banned?

Iran has banned mobile game ‘Clash of Clans’ to protect the country’s youth from its influence, which the government claims promotes tribal warfare. The ban was urged after a report from psychologists claimed the game encourages violence, tribal war and is extensively addictive.

Is Free Fire banned in India?

No, Free Fire is not banned in India and gamers can enjoy playing their favorite game in the country. The order to ban the game is only for Bangladesh.

Which country owns COC?

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell.