Is B.Com easy or BBM?

BBM is easier than B.Com . Bcom is more of practical solving and BBM IS LESS OF THAT.

Is B.Com better than BBS?

While BBA degree is for those who want to make a career in management and entrepreneurship, the BCom degree is for those who want to pursue career in finance, taxation or accountancy fields. Go for a B.Com degree if you are planning to pursue CA/ICWA/CS.

Which is better B.Com or BMS?

If you want to become a CA, I would suggest you go for BCom and if you want to pursue an MBA, it will be helpful to have studied in BMS /BBA . BCom Honors provides education in the field of accounting, economics, finance, commerce, foundational course, etc.

Is B.Com or BBA is better?

At the graduate level, B.Com offers better job opportunities as compared to BBA. After completion of BCom, student can enter into different streams like banking, civil services, MBA, law, M.Com, economics etc. In terms of providing job opportunities and career options available BCom has more scope than BBA.

Who earns more than CA?

High Paying Employers to CA in India:
EmployerCA Salary per annum (Avg)
Reliance IndustriesRs. 25-45 Lakhs (Highest)
Hindustan Unilever LtdRs. 10-36 Lakhs
DeloitteRs. 14-35 Lakhs
KPMGRs. 14-32 Lakhs

Which type of B.Com is best?

List of Available Top 5 B.Com Specialisation
  • B.Com (Economics) – Many students like to specialise in economics for their B.Com degree. …
  • B.Com (Accounting & Finance) – …
  • B.Com (Financial Markets) – …
  • B.Com (Banking & Insurance) – …
  • B.Com (Taxation) –

Can I get job after BCom?

Sectors in which you can make a career after BCom are mostly related to accounting, investment, banking and finance.

Career After BCom.
BCom JobsAverage salary*
Chartered Financial AnalystRs 6.90 LPA
Certified Management AccountantRs 14.00 LPA
Financial Risk ManagerRs 9.00 LPA
Certified Financial PlannerRs 3.50 LPA
Sep 3, 2021

Is BCom degree enough?

B.Com degree does not amount to much in terms of career prospects. One needs to be industry-ready to start work and be productive from day one of employment. There are a lot of options for commerce students which can be worthwhile and more fruitful.

Is BCom degree valuable?

One of the biggest reasons why so many students choose B.Com. is that it is one of the most affordable graduate courses, which also provides good career options. It is a complete value-for-money degree course. Today, most B.Com. degree courses have a fee range in INR 10,000 to INR 50,000.

Is B.Com good for future?

Every year, many private and government banks hires the fresh graduates. … You can apply for government jobs like bank, UPSC, etc. The course also prepares the students for CA and CS. Chartered Accountant (CA) / Cost and Work Accountant (CWA) / Company Secretary (CS) are the advanced career options in this field.

Is B.Com better than engineering?

As more and more COMPARATIVELY GOOD STUDENTS go for science, this increases the quality of students in this stream as compared for Science. After 12th most of Science students opt for Engineering and those of Commerce mostly go for BCom. Hence the crowd of Engineering is much better than of BCom.

Is B.Com easy to pass?

It is not about easy or difficult. Your decision should be made keeping in mind the interests, strengths, aptitude and career goals. **B.Com degree equips a student with fundamentals and concepts on Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Economics and Industrial Policies.

Why B.Com is not good?

Today, in the competitive job market scenario, merely having a graduate degree like B Com is not enough to land you in a good position. Students need to have a proper knowledge and additional competencies rather than just a B.Com degree to face the strong competition in life.

What is B.Com salary?

Ans: At the starting level BCom Salary is around INR 2,00,000 – 4,00,000. With experience it rises to INR 6,00,00 and then to INR 8,00,000.

Will BCom be of 4 years?

BCom is a 3-year Undergraduate program that focuses on subjects related to commerce, Economics, Business Law, Accountancy, Taxation and finance.

Does BCom have maths?

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

One of the most popular career options in commerce without maths is Bachelor of Commerce. … B.Com is a great option when you want to pursue subjects in commerce without maths. It is not imperative to have maths as one of your subjects in the 12th standard to pursue this degree.

Is commerce better than science?

Science stream and commerce stream are the most popular areas of study among Indian students. Most students after 10th are conflicted about whether to pursue science or commerce.

Science vs Commerce.
Difficulty LevelRigorous than commerceConsidered easier than Science
Apr 20, 2021

Which BCom is best for CA?

Well when it comes to do ca one should always go for bcom hons. Bcom programme doesn’t add much value to your knowledge as what you study in bcom, you have already studied in your ca. Infact in ca things you study are in greater depth as compared to bcom.

How many books are there in BCom 1st year?

B.Com (Bachelor Of Commerce) 1st Year In Hindi 6 Books (Hardbook, Hindi, Sparsh Agrawal, Suwati Singh, M C Gupta)

Is BCom with CA difficult?

CA foundation and 1st semester bcom are almost the same but the only thing is CA is a bit difficult compared to bcom as far as CA Foundation is concerned. You have to make proper time table and stick to that so that you take care of both the courses you have stepped into.

Is CA very difficult?

The exam is not very hard. It can be attempted by students who have completed 12th standard, graduates and professionals. The syllabus and examination are modelled in a way that even students can break them. But, still, it is considered as one of the hardest tests to break in India.