What does nefarious actually mean?

: flagrantly wicked or impious : evil.

What is an example of nefarious?

The definition of nefarious is someone who is known for being very wicked. An example of nefarious is Adolf Hitler. Infamous for being wicked. The nefarious wizard was known for burning people alive during his secret rituals.

What does nefarious mean in business?

/nəˈfeə.ri.əs/ (especially of activities) morally bad: The company’s CEO seems to have been involved in some nefarious practices/activities.

What does it mean to remember nefarious?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nefarious

It’s from latin origin, Nefarious= Nefar/s- Wrong(Ne-not+far/s-Divine(law)+ous- to us. 0 0. 43 8. ne(NO) + fairy + US: No good character like a fairy among us but an exact opposite i.e. a wicked person.

What is a nefarious plan?

A plan done for something bad or illegal.

Can you describe a person as nefarious?

nefarious Add to list Share. Describe a person’s actions as nefarious if they are evil or wicked. Batman and Superman are always fighting evildoers and stopping their nefarious plots. Nefarious comes from the Latin nefas “crime, impiety.” If something is nefarious, it is criminal, evil, malicious and wicked.

What is the prefix for nefarious?

The word nefarious comes from the Latin nefarius which means wicked or abominable. This comes from the root nefas meaning some crime, wrongdoing or impiety. Nefas comes from the prefix ne meaning not, which comes from the Proto-Indo-European prefix of the same spelling and meaning.