What is a bear sign?

Make the bear sign by making your hands into claws and crossing your arms, with one hand on each shoulder. Now scratch up and down with each hand. Babies are often going to simplify this into just giving themselves a bear hug. HOME / DICTIONARY / Bear.

What is a cowboy donut?

(7) Recipe by Diamondlil. They are actually muffins that taste just like cinnamon topped cake donuts. This is a very easy recipe that even children can make.

How did the donuts get their name?

As the story goes, a New England woman named Elizabeth Gregory fried some dough to send with her son for his voyage at sea during the 19th century. Elizabeth was the one who fried the dough with nuts, leading to the name ‘donut,’ but her son was the one who put a hole in the center, giving us the classic donut shape.

Where did the hole in the donut come from?

But the story of that little hole in the center of a round doughnut is quintessentially American. It started with a 19th century Maine teenager. A century and a half after 15-year-old Hanson Crockett Gregory of Clam Cove, Maine, punched a hole in what he called “greasy sinkers,” we are scarfing down doughnuts.