Do you shave up or down with a straight razor?

Hold the razor at an angle almost parallel to your skin and with your opposite hand, pull the skin away from the blade and keep taut. Shave downward with the grain using small, smooth strokes. Rinse away excess hair after every stroke.

What angle do you hold a straight razor to shave?

30 degree angle
Hold the razor at a 30 degree angle from your face. Run it along your face in the direction of your beard’s growth, taking slow strokes and applying little pressure. Let the razor’s sharpness and weight do the cutting.

How do you grab a razor?

From the basic grip, simply roll the razor between your fingers until the thumb and forefinger pinch the sides of the tang, rather than the top and bottom. This grip is great for upward, against-the-grain strokes on the face.

How do you line up your beard with a straight razor?

How do you use a straight razor for beginners?