How much extra is airborne?

On top of base salary, soldiers receive airborne pay, sometimes referred to as military jump pay (about $150 per month).

How much do airborne get paid?

Airborne Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$175,000$14,583
75th Percentile$133,500$11,125
25th Percentile$54,500$4,541

Do paratroopers make more?

Paratroopers earn an extra $150 per month under the “Jump Pay” rate compared to those under “Parachute Duty Pay” who earn $225 per month. When qualified for both rates, paratroopers earn the higher amount whether its a regular pay assignment or HALO assignment.

How much do air force paratroopers get paid?

The base pay for PJs — who must have at least the rank of airman first class, senior airman or staff sergeant — ranges from $21,089 to $36,155 per year as of publication. They also receive housing allowances or free on-base housing, and a food allowance.

Which is harder airborne or air assault?

Air Assault is harder, but Airborne has less room for error.

What is Jump pay in the army?

Paratroopers typically receive a $150 monthly hazardous-duty payment — often called jump pay — as long as they meet the requirements for it, which includes jumping from an airplane at least once every three months.