What town does Cole the Cornstar live?

“I just figured if someone lives in Iowa and they don’t know what goes on at a farm, how is the rest of the world supposed to know?” The 22-year-old finance major propelled himself to internet corn-stardom with a YouTube channel that follows his life on his family’s farm 20 minutes east of Marshalltown.

Where is Cornstar farms located?

Cole the Cornstar is part of a 1,700-acre, fourth-generation cash crop farm from Central Iowa. The 22-year-old farms with his younger brother, Cooper, his father, who has his own social media following as Daddy Cornstar, his mother and older sister.

Is Sable related to Cole the Cornstar?

Cole the Cornstar, Daddy Cornstar, Cooper (Cole’s brother) and Sable (Cornstar Farms’ hired hand.)

Where does Cole the Cornstar live in Iowa?


That’s why a fourth-generation farmer started rolling on his life and now has a YouTube following that’s bigger than the entire state. “Cole the Cornstar” is so popular, he’s even hiring his family to work for him.

How many acres does Larson Farms farm?

@larson. farms is a 5th generation farmer, who runs a 5,650-acre corn and soybean farm located in Correll, Minnesota.