How long can you use an NG?

A nasogastric (NG) tube is a thin, soft tube that goes in through the nose, down the throat, and into the stomach. They’re used to feed formula to a child who can’t get nutrition by mouth. Sometimes, kids get medicine through the tube. NG tubes are used for short periods of time, usually a few weeks to months.

Can an NG tube be permanent?

Orogastric (OG) tube: An orogastric tube is like a nasogastric tube, except that it is inserted into the mouth instead of the nostril. This tube can remain in place for up to two weeks, when it must be removed or replaced with a permanent tube.

How often should an NG tube be changed?

Long term NG and NJ tubes should usually be changed every 4–6 weeks swapping them to the other nostril (grade C).

Does NG tube prolong life?

Although the evidence shows tube feeding generally does not prolong or improve quality of life for patients who are terminal or have advanced dementia, healthcare professionals do not always understand the risks of tube feeding in this population well enough to determine whether the risks outweigh the benefits.

How often should an NG tube be checked?

NG tube placement is to be assessed:

When a new tube is inserted. When there is concern that the tube may have been pulled out or changed position. There is choking, vomiting, coughing or breathing trouble. Every 8 hours during a continuous feed.