How do I pick up money from Western Union?

Pick up cash fast, no need to fill out forms.
  1. Answer our questions about your transfer on or the app to get started.
  2. Track your transfer and go to a participating Western Union® agent location to. pick up money.
  3. Bring your government-issued photo ID and MTCN to receive your receipt and get your cash.

What kind of ID do you need to pick up money from Western Union?

If you need to pick up money at Western Union agent location, please present a valid International passport, National Identity Card, Driver’s License, Residence ID (for foreigners), Foreigner’s document.

How long can money stay in Western Union before pick up?

Money transfers are available for 90 days. If the receiver is unable to pick up the money transfer and it has been 90 days, contact Customer Care for the money transfer to be renewed and made available for payout.

How long does Western Union cash pickup take?

Money in Minutes service for pick up at an Agent location – generally delivered within minutes*. Next Day service for pick up at an Agent location is generally available the next day*. Direct to Bank deposit typically takes between 2 to 5 business days, but could vary, depending on country.

Can someone else pick up my money from Western Union?

Can I authorize someone to pick up the money from me if I can’t leave my home? For security reasons, only the designated receiver can pick up a transfer. However, you can ask your sender to contact Western Union customer service to ask for a refund.

Can I pick up money from Western Union without ID?

A: Yes. We need the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and a valid government issued ID. Q: Can I pick up money without an ID? A: As long as the sender used a test question, and the clerk checked the “Pay without ID” box.

Can I claim Western Union in Mlhuillier?

“M Lhuillier is a bridge connecting customers with their families and loved ones. We are delighted to collaborate with Western Union and enable customers to connect to or from nearly every country in the world, including domestically.

Why can’t I pick up money from Western Union?

Occasionally, money transfers may be declined. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as WU being unable to confirm your identity. WU is required to comply with regulatory standards and internal policies. … If you were declined trying to send money online, you may be able to send money in person at an Agent location.

Can I pick up Western Union at Walmart?

You can also pick up or receive money sent from any Western Union, Ria or Moneygram agent location within the US. Just head to your local Walmart with the reference or MTCN number provided by the sender. It’s easy to send money to your friends and family.

What if someone doesn’t pick up Western Union?

If the funds haven’t been picked up by the receiver, you’ll get a full refund, including the transaction fee. If your money has been picked up by the receiver and you suspect you are a victim of fraud, we encourage you to file an official fraud claim with Western Union and to report your situation to law enforcement.

How does receiver get money from Western Union?

How can my receiver get the money?
  1. Cash pick up at an Agent location. They can pick up the money at any nearby Western Union location. …
  2. Direct to Bank. …
  3. Mobile Money Transfer (transfer to a receiver’s mobile wallet) …
  4. Money transfer to a correctional facility.

Does Dollar General do Western Union?

Yes, money transfers sent from a Dollar General® store can be picked up at any Western Union® location around the world, including at another Dollar General® store. What is the receive limit for money transfers at Dollar General?

How much does Walmart charge for Western Union?

Walmart2Walmart offers a fee structure with two transparent pricing tiers: $4.50 for transfers of up to $50. $9.50 for transfers of $51 to $900.

Is Western Union and MoneyGram the same?

MoneyGram is the world’s second biggest money transfer company – while Western Union comes in as the largest on the planet. Western Union is better than MoneyGram for some customers, but it’s always a good idea to compare these and other services before deciding which provider will be best for your specific transfer.

How do you set up Western Union?

Does Walgreens have Western Union?

Customers can access Western Union services via Walgreens self-service kiosks where they can pay bills and also use existing Western Union international and domestic money transfer services.

How much cash can you pick up from Western Union?

Maximum payout amount: The maximum Western Union transaction amount is $2000 USD. If your payout is more than $2000 USD, it’s divided into several smaller transactions. Western Union can’t process identical sums on the same day, so if you have a payout of $4000 or more, only $2000 can be processed per day.

Do you need an account for Western Union?

Sending money with the Western Union money transfer service from an agent location does not require credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, or memberships. You will need to show valid identification. How much money can I send from an agent location? You can usually send any amount you wish.

Can I register with Western Union online?

Signing up is required prior to sending a money transfer. Go to or to the mobile app to create your Western Union profile.

Do I have to register for Western Union?

Registration is required for most of our services. After you download the Western Union app or open our site you’ll need to complete the profile registration form and follow these steps: 1.

Do you need sender’s name for Western Union?

WHAT WILL THE RECIPIENT NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO PICK UP THE MONEY? … The recipient will need to provide the following information: the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), name and address, amount of money expected to receive, the sender’s name, telephone number and the city/state from which the transfer is being sent.

How can I receive money without a bank account?

Here are some of the best options:
  1. Use an online money transfer service. …
  2. Compare money transfer services.
  3. Transfer to a cash pickup location. …
  4. Send via mobile wallet. …
  5. Use a money order. …
  6. Use credit cards. …
  7. Use prepaid debit cards. …
  8. Mail the cash directly.

Can I pick up Western Union in any state?

If the money transfer was sent for cash pick up, your receiver can pick up cash at any WU Agent location within the state entered by the sender. If the state for pick up changes, the sender must request a payout location change. Contact customer care to complete a location change.