What do you use a spatula for?

A spatula is a hand-held tool that is used for lifting, flipping, or spreading. Spatulas have a handle that is long enough to keep the holder’s hand away from what is being lifted or spread, as well as away from a hot surface.

What do you use silicone spatulas for?

Silicone spatulas can be used to stir extremely hot mixtures or remove food directly from roasting or frying pans. Accidental exposure to heat can permanently damage rubber or plastic kitchen utensils, but a silicone spatula head won’t even become knicked or warped. Silicone spatulas are more flexible.

Why are spatulas important in baking?

The long blade makes it easy to smooth cake batter into the corners of a baking pan and loosen the cake from the sides of the pan after it bakes. When icing a cake, it makes quick work of spreading and pushing the icing between cake layers, on the sides, and over the top, leaving a professional finish.