What does the Spirit Bear do in Touching Spirit Bear?

Spirit Bear Symbol Analysis. The Spirit Bear that lives on the Alaskan island where Cole is sent symbolizes the power, beauty, and danger of the natural world—as well as Cole’s changing relationship to the natural world.

Why did the Spirit Bear let Cole touch it?

Strangely, Cole has lost his fear, and he decides to touch the bear so he can know what it feels like before it kills him. … He feels the bear’s warmth, breath, and heartbeat, but Spirit Bear doesn’t move.

What does the rock represent in Spirit Bear?

Carrying the ancestor rock is a way that Cole can clear his mind and figure out who he is in the context of something bigger than himself. When he gets to the top of the hill and puts it down, the symbolism of the rock changes to represent Cole’s anger.

What is the name of the bear in Touching Spirit Bear?

The novel Touching Spirit Bear describes its main character, Cole Matthews, as an innocent-looking, baby-faced fifteen-year-old from Minneapolis who had been in trouble half his life.

Why does Cole save a handful of the bear’s hair after the mauling?

Why does Cole save the handful of the bear’s hair after the mauling? Cole believes that taking part of the bear will give him strength. Cole keeps the hair as a reminder of his own foolishness. The hair gives him a sense of power and proves that he fought the bear.

Who rescues Cole?

Chapters 9-12, pp. 74-102
8. After Cole spits at the bear, what does the bear do?lick it up
10. How does Cole see the world after the spirit bear disappears?beautiful
11. Who rescues Cole?edwin and garvey
12. How is Cole taken from the island?skiff

Why does Cole carve the wolf next?

When he’s finished with the eagle, Cole decides to carve the wolf next. He already knew the wolf from inhabiting that dance. At first, he thought that the wolf was alone. This Cole could empathize with.

Is Touching Spirit Bear a true story?

In its most simple definition, Touching Spirit Bear is considered realistic fiction. Because it is not a true story, the novel is typical fiction, and because the events of the novel could happen to any person, it is also realistic.

Who is Peter Driscal Touching Spirit Bear?

Peter Driscal is an anti-heroic character from the book Touching Spirit Bear. He makes his first appearance in the flashback that details how Cole Matthews, the villain protagonist, had attacked him after he raided a hardware store and bragged about his actions.

What does Cole realize at the height of the storm?

He dreams that this imaginary blanket is protecting him from the ruthlessness of the storm. … This is when he realizes that he isn’t actually covered by the blanket. It was just a dream. He feels like there is a presence around him.

Why is Cole frightened by the thought of carving a canoe?

Why is Cole frightened by the thought of carving a canoe? Cole does not want to get caught and sent to jail. Cole knows that if he carved a canoe he would use it to fish and go to deeper waters. Cole is trying to change into a better person and doesn’t want the option of escaping the island.

What does invisible and Cole believe is the secret to invisibility mean?

What does it mean to be invisible and what does Cole believe is the secret to invisibility? To be invisible, he had to clear his mind.

Why does Cole toss the bear’s hair into the water?

Why does Cole toss the bear’s hair into the water? He wants to be honest. … Cole will always remembers the Spirit Bear.

What is Coles favorite meal on the island?

By Ben Mikaelsen. That night, Cole makes his favorite dinner of spaghetti and hot dogs for everyone. Peter announces that he refuses to sleep in the cabin with Cole, even if Garvey is going to be there.

What strange thought occurs to Cole?

Q. What strange thought occurs to Cole as notices the land coming alive? He shouldn’t be alive.

What was Cole’s evidence that proved that the spirit bear was real?

What does this prove? Edwin friend, Bernie, had seen on the island the Spirit Bear which Cole had been placed. This proves that Cole did see the Spirit Bear and he’s not lying. Peter’s lawyer is very abrupt and not kind to Cole.

How did Cole celebrate seeing the spirit bear?

After seeing the Spirit Bear, how does Cole spend the evening? He rests in preparation for doing his anger dance that evening. He makes a special dinner and savors the food in preparation of doing the anger dance. He returns to his shelter to think about the new feelings he has for the bear.

Why does Cole spit at the Spirit Bear?

Why does Cole spit at the bear? Cole wants to attract the bear’s attention. Cole wants to show the bear he is ready to die. Cole wants to clear his throat before he screams at the bear.

How does Edwin demonstrate the change in Cole’s life?

How does Edwin demonstrate the change in Cole’s path in life? He became kinder and became respectful to people and life. He is changing into right direction. When Cole returns to the Circle, there are two people missing.

What does Cole realize is the real power in life?

Cole realizes that to be alive is to have choice, and the power to choose is real power.

What does Cole do with the white fur he got from the Spirit Bear *?

Q. What did Cole do with the fistful of white hair he pulled from the Spirit Bear? He gave it to Garvey.

Why does Edwin believe Cole saw a Spirit Bear although no one else does?

He wanted to prove himself. Although no one else was there, that lead Cole to take the anger off of his shoulders and pass it, or take it out, on someone else, Spirit Bear.