Who translated the message version of the Bible?

. Eugene Peterson
The Rev. Eugene Peterson, a Presbyterian minister, biblical scholar and author whose writings have shaped the thinking of pastors and church people and whose colloquial translation of the Bible, “The Message,” has sold millions of copies, died Oct. 22 at his home in Lakeside, Mont. He was 85.

What denomination is Eugene Peterson?

Eugene Hoiland Peterson (November 6, 1932 – October 22, 2018) was an American Presbyterian minister, scholar, theologian, author, and poet.
Eugene H. Peterson
Spouse(s)Jan Peterson
Ecclesiastical career
ReligionChristianity (Presbyterian)
ChurchPresbyterian Church (USA)

What is the message in the Bible?

The main message of the Bible is that God is restoring the world to His original design through Jesus Christ. The world is in a state of brokenness because of mankind’s rejection of God and His plan. Jesus entered into a broken and hurting world to die on the cross to restore mankind to God.

Who first wrote the Bible?

prophet Moses
For thousands of years, the prophet Moses was regarded as the sole author of the first five books of the Bible, known as the Pentateuch.

Is Eugene Peterson still alive?

Deceased (1932–2018)
Eugene H. Peterson/Living or Deceased

How old is Jan Peterson?

(CBS News) Jan Petersen, a former foreign correspondent for CBS television and radio and the wife of CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen, died Saturday at age 63 from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Where is Eugene Peterson from?

Eugene H. Peterson/Place of birth

Did Eugene Peterson have a son?

Eugene H. Peterson/Sons

Who is Eugene Patterson?

Eugene Patterson, a major figure in American journalism and a Pulitzer Prize winner who was known for his courage in standing up for civil rights and opposing segregation while an editor of a newspaper in the Deep South during a difficult period, died Saturday in Florida. He was 89.

How old is Eugene Peterson?

85 years (1932–2018)
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Is Andrew Peterson related to Eugene Peterson?

I thank God for Eugene Peterson. Look at that smile! Had the great honor of playing at a celebration of his life and work, and no we’re not related (unfortunately).

Why did Eugene Peterson write the message?

The Message was released in its entirety, Old and New Testaments together, this summer. A 10-year undertaking, Peterson began writing The Message after retiring from a 29-year pastorate at Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, Maryland. … Says Peterson: “The letters I prize most are from prisoners.

What happened Gene Patterson?

Death. Patterson died in 2013 after a series of treatments for cancer. His remains were interred at Arlington National Cemetery.