Are Z-Flex good for beginners?

Review from a Beginner

Overall, it’s a good board, 100% recommend.

What are Z-Flex boards made of?

Nowadays, modern Z-Flex boards are constructed of seven plies of Canadian hardrock maple wood.

Who owns Z-Flex?

This blue fiberglass, Z-Flex skateboard is signed on the bottom by Anthony Jabin, the current owner of the Z-Flex company. Z-Flex Skateboards, founded in 1976, has a storied history and it begins with Jay Adams and the Z-Boys of Dogtown.

What boards did the Z boys use?

The most famous Z-Boy, Jay Adams, continues his signature classic pool and cruizer boards. Once one of a handful of skate companies finding it’s way during the infancy of skateboarding, Z-Flex has endured to become one of the longest running skateboard companies in existence.