How do I enable JRebel in IntelliJ?

Open Help > JRebel > Activation.

Press I already have a license in the activation window.
  1. Activation code.
  2. License file from the hard drive. You get this file via email when you purchase JRebel.
  3. Connect to ZeroTurnaround License Management or an on-premises License Server.

How do I activate JRebel?

Press Browse and locate your jrebel. lic license file on the hard drive. Next, press Activate JRebel to activate using the license file. Connect to License Server – Select this option if your network administrator supplies you with a License Server Group URL.

What is JRebel for IntelliJ?

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate, Community, Educational) JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to reload code changes instantly. It skips the rebuild, restart, and redeploy cycle common in Java development.