How hard is ServSafe manager exam?

How hard is the ServSafe Managers Test? The ServSafe Managers test has 90 questions but you’re only graded on 80 of them. … The test is multiple choice with 4 possible answers. You have 2 hours to complete the exam and you must score at least 75% in order to pass.

How long is ServSafe manager exam?

approximately 60 to 90 minutes
How long does the ServSafe® Exam take to complete? The time varies depending on the student’s knowledge of the content; an estimated time would be approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Is the ServSafe manager exam multiple choice?

The ServSafe Manager exam is given in a proctored environment and has 90 multiple choice questions. You are required to score 75% or better on the exam to receive certification. There is a 2 hour time limit on the exam.

How many times can you take ServSafe manager exam?

You can take the examination twice within 30 days. If you don’t pass the exam on your second attempt, you must wait 60 days from your most recent attempt before taking the exam again. No more than four attempts are allowed within a 12 month period.

How do I pass the ServSafe manager exam?

A passing score is 75% or higher. This is obtained by answering at least 60 out of 80 questions correctly. The exam has 90 questions; however there are 10 pilot questions that are for research purposes only.

Is the ServSafe test timed?

ServSafe Food Handler

The test contains 40 questions and is not timed. You must get 75% of the answers correct in order to pass the test, and you can take it as many times as you need to until you earn your ServSafe Food Handler certification.

How long does ServSafe manager certification last?

The National Restaurant Association recognizes the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification for a five-year period. The ServSafe Alcohol, ServSafe Allergens and ServSafe Food Handler Certificates are recognized for a three-year period. However, state or employer requirements can vary.

Can you take ServSafe manager test online?

Online proctoring at home for the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is now available! Schedule your exam at a time that’s convenient for you, all you need is a computer or laptop and a private location.

How do I get my ServSafe test results?

Certification Process

You can view your exam results online by logging in to and accessing your dashboard. Then click on the student icon and scroll down to My Exam Scores to select the exam results you want to view.

How much does ServSafe exam cost?

There are a number of other resources that you can add to your purchase, including a ServSafe manager handbook that retails for around $70. The ServSafe alcohol course and exam are available for $30, and the allergen course and exam cost $22.

How long is the ServSafe allergen course?

approximately 90 minutes
The ServSafe® Allergens Online Course takes approximately 90 minutes.

Is ServSafe the same as food handlers?

The ServSafe Manager Certification verifies that a manager or person-in-charge has sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from foodborne illness. … The ServSafe Food Handler Certificate verifies basic food safety knowledge and is for individuals in food handler employee-level positions.

How long is the ServSafe exam?

Approximately 60 to 90 minutes
Length: Approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Content: The five sections are Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-contamination and Allergens, Time and Temperature, and Cleaning and Sanitation.

How much does the ServSafe manager test cost?

ServSafe Certification Training and Testing Costs

ServSafe offers an online ServSafe Manager course (7th Edition) with the exam for $152.95. Employers who wish for their employees to take the certification exam with the oversight of a proctor may choose to have the employees tested in a testing center.

Can you pause ServSafe?

ServSafe Manager and ServSafe Alcohol courses must be completed in 90 days. After a course has expired, a student will not be able to access that course. A new one will need to be purchased. Online courses are not refundable and expiration dates cannot be extended.

How long will ServSafe be free?

Course Expiration

You will have 12 months from date of purchase to begin the course. Once started, however, the course will expire 60 days after it is started.

How do I get ServSafe certified?

  1. STEP 1: CHECK REQUIREMENTS. Check state and local regulatory information and your organization’s policies to determine your training and certification needs.

Do ServSafe test codes expire?

Yes. Unused courses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Once a course has been started: ServSafe Food Handler courses must be completed in 60 days.

Is ServSafe certification valid in other states?

Certification Process

If I move, is my ServSafe Certification accepted in other states? The ServSafe certification is recognized in most jurisdictions where a Food Protection Manager Certification is required.

How many ServSafe certifications are there?

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification and ServSafe Food Handler are two totally different programs. Most states require the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification while the ServSafe Food Handler is considered optional training for staff members.

How long is the online ServSafe manager course?

8-10 hours
ServSafe Manager Online Course: 8-10 hours in length. ServSafe Alcohol Online Course: approximately 4 hours in length. ServSafe Food Handler Course: 1 ½-2 hours in length.