How do I get my Bravo capsules to fall off?

Do not get the receiver wet. The receiver will automatically shut off after 48 hours. The capsule will fall off after 7-10 days, pass naturally through the GI tract, be expelled in a bowel movement, and flushed down the toilet. PLEASE RETURN THE RECEIVER, DIARY AND SPARE BATTERY TO THE ENDOSCOPY DEPT.

How long does it take for Bravo capsule to dislodge?

The pH capsule is attached by deploying a locking pin that is passed through the esophageal mucosa and pulled by suction into a small cup in the side of the capsule. Typically, the capsule sloughs spontaneously from the mucosa within 2 weeks and passes uneventfully through the GI tract.

Why does Bravo capsule hurt?

Placement of the Bravo capsule is associated with intermittent chest pain in 50% of normal volunteers. The authors hypothesized that chest pain in this setting may be attributable to hypertensive esophageal contractions induced by the Bravo capsule.

Does the Bravo capsule hurt?

Will it hurt? Typically, patients do not feel anything throughout the procedure. Very rarely a patient may experience vague chest discomfort, which usually subsides when the capsule falls off the esophageal wall.

What are the side effects of Bravo capsule?

In some patients, the capsule will fail to detach from the esophagus after the test has ended. Bleeding, tears in the mucosa and capsule aspiration can also occur. Some patients also experience fever, infection, high blood pressure, and respiratory or cardiac arrest.

How long is the Bravo procedure?

The procedure

Your procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes and you will be sedated for it.