How do I run diagnostics on my iPhone?

What do you do when your iPhone is acting up?

Getting Help When Your iPhone Acts Up
  1. Restart your iPhone. Press and hold down the sleep/wake button, and then slide the red slider to turn it off. …
  2. Force any frozen applications to quit. Swipe the app upward from the app switcher.
  3. Restart your iPhone. …
  4. Reset the iPhone settings. …
  5. Restore your iPhone.

How do I troubleshoot my iPhone 11?

  1. Step 1 How to Force Restart an iPhone 11. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button (1). Quickly press and release the Volume Down button (2). …
  2. Finally, press and hold the side button (3) until the Apple logo appears, and then release. The screen will temporarily go dark as the iPhone shuts down and reboots.

How do I troubleshoot my iPhone 8?

Here’s how to fix iPhone 8 connectivity issues:
  1. First check that the WiFi network is working. …
  2. Install the latest iOS update (see “iPhone 8 update problems” above).
  3. Force restart your iPhone 8 (see above).
  4. Try forgetting the troublesome network: go to Settings -> WiFi. …
  5. If all else fails, skip to Reset network settings.

Why is my iPhone doing strange things?

The issue might be that the cache on your iPhone’s App Store app—the place that it stores temporary information—needs to be cleared out. … You simply need to open up the App Store, and tap one of the icons at the bottom 10 times in a row. Make sure you tap the same icon in a quick succession.