Who is the partner of Darna?

Joshua Garcia, Zaijan Jaranilla join cast of ‘Darna’ series

Jaranilla will portray Ricardo Custodio, or Ding, Narda’s brother and Darna’s sidekick. “Mahilig siya sa technology at computer games,” Jaranilla said of his character, hinting at Ding’s skills as Darna’s trusty partner.

What is the name of Darna?

First Appearance:Bulaklak Magazine, Volume July 23, 1947
Last Appearance:N/A

Who came first Darna and Wonder Woman?

MFT: Who did you discover first? Darna or Wonder Woman? RA: I discovered Darna first through her 2 films in 1973 starring actress Vilma Santos. Then in 1975, we discovered Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and have loved Diana ever since.

Who is Darna enemy?

Valentina is a supervillain created by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo who first appeared in the second episode of the Darna series published in the Philippine comics Pilipino Komiks (issue #78, 1950) . One of the most recognizable supervillainess characters in the Philippines, she is the archenemy of Darna.

How did Darna become Darna?

#77 on May 13, 1950, where she was pitted against the sultry snake goddess, Valentina. Here, Narda, a young girl, swallows a stone, which has the word “Darna” on it, and transforms into Darna by shouting out the latter’s name. Likewise, Darna turns back into Narda by shouting Narda’s name.

How old is Darna?

Darna has been around since 1950, celebrating her 55rd birthday this year. According to the Manila Times “Darna is a cultural icon born at a time when the Philippines was struggling to come out of the devastation of World War II.

Who will play Valentina in Darna 2021?

Janella Salvador
Janella Salvador is now Darna’s arch-nemesis Valentina in the upcoming ‘Darna: the TV Series. ‘ She will be co-starring alongside Jane de Leon, who is playing the titular superhero.

Why Darna is a hero?

As we all know, every superhero has a secret identity. When she’s an ordinary woman, her name is NARDA, but when she’s a superhero, her name is DARNA. … Darna is my hero because our world needs an extraordinary person in order to live peacefully. Especially now, when our world is in great danger.

What is the message of Darna?

The message tells that Narda is the sole inheritor of the power of the Adranika and she will protect the earth from evil. After Narda hears the message, the word “Darna” appears in the white stone and she is instructed to swallow it and yell “Darna”.

Who is the new Valentina?

Janella Salvador
Janella Salvador has been cast as the superhero’s arch-nemesis Valentina in the upcoming Darna: the TV Series, ABS-CBN announced on Friday, November 19. Janella’s Valentina is a lawyer and vlogger cursed with venomous snakes for hair. She will be co-starring alongside Jane de Leon, who is playing the titular superhero.

Who is the parents of Jane de Leon?

Jane Florence Benitez De Leon was born in Quezon City on November 22, 1998. She spent her childhood years in San Pedro, Laguna, with her father Ruel Florencio de Leon, and mother Maricor “Hearty” Benitez-De Leon.

Who is the new Darna in ABS CBN?

Jane de Leon
Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV Series is an upcoming Philippine television series based on the comic book character of the same name, starring Jane de Leon.

Darna (2022 TV series)
Darna: The TV Series
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