When did Jairos Jiri start?

Jiri founded, had grown from 1 center in 1950 to 16 centers including schools, special schools for the deaf and blind, hostels and homes, vocational training center, agriculture skills training center, clinics, orthopedic workshops and satellite units, Community-based Rehabilitation Programme, craft shops and gender …

When did Jairos Jiri died?

November 12, 1982
Jairos Jiri/Date of death

Why was Jairos Jiri Association founded?

A philanthropic organisation set up in 1950 in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) to support and train disadvantaged people. The founder, Jairos Jiri, using Christian principles, wanted to help individuals who previously had been marginalized and rejected.

Who started a home for disabled in Zimbabwe?

The world renowned philanthropist, Jairos Jiri (26 June 1921 – 12 November 1982)started services for people with disability in Zimbabwe in the 1940s. He is regarded as the father or founder of disability work in Zimbabwe.