What do you do with a whiteboard in your room?

Evernote is also a useful archiving tool for whiteboard content.
  1. Glass – The answer is clear. …
  2. Paint – Up the walls. …
  3. Magnetic – Attractive ideas. …
  4. Wall-sized – Go big or go home. …
  5. Calendar – Mark your days. …
  6. Markers – True colors.

How do you hang a whiteboard at home?

Can you put a whiteboard outside?

Can I Mount and Use Any Standard Office Whiteboard Outside? Actually no. A weather-proof whiteboard is a totally different product. Although most office quality whiteboards appear quite solid, that doesn’t make them waterproof.

What should you not put on a whiteboard?

  1. Use abrasive erasers, cleaners, sponges or rags.
  2. Use a chalkboard eraser.
  3. Use a wet eraser.
  4. Use a permanent Marker – Keep them away from your whiteboard.
  5. Use tape on whiteboards.

How do you make an outdoor whiteboard?

Is Markerboard waterproof?

✍️ WRITE CLEARLY—Comes with a waterproof pen writes clearly so you can write and draw in detail. The shower marker is made with wax so it is 100% waterproof.

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Will alcohol ruin a white board?

The isopropyl alcohol it contains can help boost its cleaning power, compared to toothpaste. It won’t be as economical as toothpaste, though, and it is also a slightly abrasive cleaner. It may ruin the surface of your whiteboard over time, so it’s not recommended.

How do you keep a white board clean?

Using a cloth moistened with whiteboard cleaner is enough to keep a board clean if used every week. Warm soapy water, window cleaner and peroxide all work well too. Be sure to stay away from wax-based cleaners as they leave a pesky film on the whiteboard.

Why does my whiteboard not erase?

Clean Your Whiteboards Erasers. If you decide to use a felt eraser instead of the recommended microfiber cloths to clean your whiteboard painted wall, be sure to remove all of the built-up marker dust from the eraser beforehand. When whiteboard erasers become overloaded with ink, they can no longer erase efficiently.

Can I use Windex on a whiteboard?

Use water or common household glass cleaners.

Yes, products such as Windex® are recommended for cleaning a whiteboard. Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners, as those can ruin the dry erase surface and allow ink penetration.

How do you keep a whiteboard from smudging?

Try to always use a clean cloth to avoid smearing and smudging or rubbing old ink back into the whiteboard. Avoid the hard sponge or felt cleaning pads as they tend to smear the ink rather than wipe it which can lead to staining.

Can you put masking tape on a whiteboard?

Before applying quality whiteboard coating, it’s important to make sure that the surface where you’ll be doing the installation is precisely taped off on all the necessary sides with low-tack tape, also known as painter’s tape, rather than with standard masking tape, which is not as durable and is more difficult to …

Can I use Clorox wipes on whiteboard?

Do not use glass cleaner, Clorox® wipes, or all-purpose cleaners as they will damage the whiteboard surface and void the warranty. The surface should be cleaned only with dry erase wipes, liquid board cleaner, or a damp wet cloth. Abrasives or other chemical cleansers should not be used.

Can you use baby wipes on a whiteboard?

Wipe with baby wipes or disinfectant wipes. The key is that you must use a soft cloth to dry the board thoroughly after wiping. (Do not use a tissue that has hand softener in it – it will leave a residue on the Whiteboard.)

Can you use vinegar to clean a whiteboard?

You can add one teaspoon of vinegar per cup of water; use a microfiber cloth to clean the whiteboard. Paper Towel and Water: This is a quick, chemical-free way to clean the surface of your board, but may not remove old stains or ghosting.

How do you clean a whiteboard without cleaning it?

Household Products
  1. Hand sanitizer.
  2. Rubbing alcohol.
  3. Non-acetone nail polish remover.
  4. Peroxide.
  5. Hairspray.
  6. Vinegar.
  7. WD-40.

Can you use Lysol on a whiteboard?

You should also know that there are a few solutions that you should NOT use on a whiteboard or dry erase board. Window cleaners (even our homemade window cleaner!), and Clorox, Lysol, or other disinfecting wipes could strip the finish on the board.

Does Windex remove dry erase marker?

Can you use Windex on a dry erase board? Yes you can. Just do not use anything abrasive that might scratch the board to wipe the cleaner.

How can you get permanent marker off a whiteboard?

Instead, you need more tangible solution. Pinstripe tape is the answer for the permanent marks and lines you are looking for. Usually pinstripe tape is used for custom paint coats on vehicles getting some sweet new lines.

How do you get dry erase marker off a whiteboard?