How long is Harley factory warranty?

24 months
Factory warranty for Harley-Davidson has a limited duration of 24 months which starts on the initial purchase or delivery by authorized dealerships. Or warranty can be obtained running until the 3rd anniversary of the motorcycle model year’s last day.

Do new Harleys come with a warranty?

All new bikes are backed by a limited factory Harley-Davidson warranty that covers two years with unlimited mileage. The Harley-Davidson warranty covers your motorcycle’s fender to fender repairs and malfunctions except normal wear-and-tear such as paint chips, brake pads, and tires.

How long is Harley extended warranty?

seven years
The Harley-Davidson extended warranty provides up to seven years of coverage with no mileage cap, depending on the terms of your particular contract. The plan covers over 1,100 parts on your motorcycle, which is nearly everything between the fenders.

Do used Harleys have warranty?

Used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles may have a remaining factory warranty that can be transferred to a new owner.

Does Harley void warranty?

Technically, you can void the warranty if you or an unauthorized entity (instead of a Harley dealership) installs Screamin’ Eagle parts or other performance parts. … To be on the safe side, you should wait for the warranty to expire before you start to customize it.

Does changing your own oil void Harley warranty?

No, changing the oil and servicing your own Harley DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY and it can’t. You are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act and your dealership personnel will tell you so. You just need to save your product purchase receipts and sign the back of your owner’s manual for the services you do!

How long is the warranty on a Harley-Davidson battery?

Registered. Batteries are not covered under extended warrany. H-D only warrants a new battery for 12 months.

Is extended warranty worth it on a motorcycle?

Is Harley extended warranty transferable?

Should you ever decide to sell your motorcycle, you can transfer any remaining coverage to the next owner. This can easily increase resale value. For an additional surcharge, Optional Tire & Wheel coverage can be added to your Extended Service Plan and will replace tires and wheels if damaged by a covered road hazard.

Do slip on mufflers void Harley warranty?

As an example, and very technically speaking here, if you install simple aftermarket slip-on mufflers and an aftermarket stage-one air intake your two-year Harley manufacturer’s warranty and any extended service plan you purchased is voided.

How do motorcycle warranties work?

In general, warranties cover mechanical failures resulting from defects in materials or factory workmanship under normal use, so the purchaser will not incur out-of-pocket costs. Wear items such as tires, batteries, bulbs, chains or drive belts, clutch plates, spark plugs, filters, etc. are not covered.

What is the warranty on a 2019 Harley-Davidson?

All new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles come with a 2 year, unlimited warranty. All used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that fall within the original terms of the warranty are covered by the warranty until the warranty expires.

Who owns the ranch Harley-Davidson?

Susan Gipson
With about 90% of the current business coming from Houston and surrounding areas, The Ranch H-D hopes the new dealership will create a new wave of excitement for the brand and the sport of motorcycling here locally. “We love calling College Station home!” says owner, Susan Gipson.

Does Vance and Hines FP3 void warranty?

You are free to get an FP3 and tune it all you want to within the parameters it can change. And you get the maps from V&H. No software from the dealer required. You will, of course, void the warranty.

Do I need to remap my Harley after installing slip on mufflers?

To get the most performance out of your bike remapping the fuel injection is a must. … If you were to purchase an exhaust that is similar in size, shape, volume, and design then remapping the fuel injection may not be necessary. But if you go from a set of slip-ons to a 2:1 full system remapping will be necessary.