What is the synonym of the word extant?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for extant, like: existing, present, living, not extinct, in current use, alive, surviving, deceased, gone, extinct and actual.

What is opposite of extant?

Extant is the opposite of extinct: it refers to things that are here — they haven’t disappeared or been destroyed.

What is the definition for extant?

Definition of extant

1a : currently or actually existing the most charming writer extant— G. W. Johnson. b : still existing : not destroyed or lost extant manuscripts. 2 archaic : standing out or above.

What is the synonym of restive?

restless, fidgety, edgy, on edge, tense, uneasy, ill at ease, worked up, nervous, agitated, anxious, on tenterhooks, keyed up, apprehensive, unquiet, impatient.

What does not extant mean?

: not extant especially : no longer existing or accessible through loss or destruction nonextant records.

What animal is extant?

On the other hand, extant refers to the living species of a class of animals. According to scientists, our planet earth has 6.5 million different species on land and 2.2 million species living on oceans. About 86% of the species living on land and 91% living in seas are yet to be described and cataloged.

What is the synonym of abrogate?

Some common synonyms of abrogate are annul, invalidate, negate, and nullify.

What does malignity mean in the Bible?

malice, malevolence, ill will, spite, malignity, spleen, grudge mean the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. malice implies a deep-seated often unexplainable desire to see another suffer.

What is the difference between restive and restless?

The adjective restive means “difficult to control or impatient in the face of restraint or authority”, while the adjective restless means “unable to rest, relax, or remain still“. Unlike restive, restless is not associated with external restraint.

What is a synonym for antebellum?

Compare Synonyms. pre-Civil War. prewar. prior to the war.

What is the synonym and antonym of abrogate?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

abrogate. Antonyms: enact, re-enact, confirm, enforce, continue, revive. Synonyms: abolish, cancel, set aside, annul, repeal, expunge, rescind.

What is the opposite of enigma?

Antonyms: answer, axiom, explanation, proposition, solution. Synonyms: conundrum, paradox, problem, puzzle, riddle.

Why is it called Antebellum?

Did you know? “Antebellum” means “before the war,” but it wasn’t widely associated with the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) until after that conflict was over. The word comes from the Latin phrase “ante bellum” (literally, “before the war”), and its earliest known print appearance in English dates back to the 1840s.

What is opposite of antebellum?

Definition: belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War. Antonyms: modern.

What is considered Antebellum?

Antebellum Period summary: The Antebellum Period in American history is generally considered to be the period before the Civil War and after the War of 1812, although some historians expand it to all the years from the adoption of the Constitution in 1789 to the beginning of the Civil War.

What is considered Deep South?

The term “Deep South” is defined in a variety of ways: Most definitions include the following states: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. … Arkansas is sometimes included or considered to be “in the peripheral” or Rim South rather than the Deep South.”

What does antebellum slavery mean?

before the war
The dictionary definition of antebellum literally means “before the war,” coming from the Latin phrase, ante bellum. … While the original term wasn’t offensive, “antebellum” as we use it today glorifies a painful period in our history when Black people were enslaved by white people.

Who was the worst plantation owner?

He was born and studied medicine in Pennsylvania, but moved to Natchez District, Mississippi Territory in 1808 and became the wealthiest cotton planter and the second-largest slave owner in the United States with over 2,200 slaves.
Stephen Duncan
EducationDickinson College
OccupationPlantation owner, banker

What does Dirty South refer to?

The term “dirty south” is a term of endearment for the area of the United States that includes much of the former Confederacy. Some people feel that “dirty south” is rap music that originated from the south. It was said that music from the “dirty south” usually has a faster beat something you can dance to.

Why isn’t Florida considered the South?

Parts of Central Florida and North Florida are still considered part of the South. South Florida is not considered part of the south because it is very distinct from the culture of the Deep South. South Florida consists of the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties located on the southeast coast of Florida.

Is Texas really southern?

The Bureau includes more states than Wikipedia in its definition of the South. It says that Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma are all in the South.

Why do they call Atlanta the Dirty South?

For Goodie Mob, the South, in general—and Atlanta, in particular—was “dirty” because of its troubling racial history, its continuing record of black on black vio- lence, and its corrupt judicial system.

Is Houston considered the dirty south?

Southern hip hop, also known as Southern rap, South Coast hip hop, or dirty south, is a blanket term for a regional genre of American hip hop music that emerged in the Southern United States and the Southeastern United States, especially in Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, and Miami—five cities which constitute …

Is Arkansas considered a southern state?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the South is composed of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia—and Florida.

What’s considered the south in America?

As defined by the U.S. federal government, it includes Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.