Does Dailymotion delete inactive accounts?

In order to keep an active Dailymotion community and protect the personal data of our users, accounts with no activity for over 1 year may be deleted or reclaimed by Dailymotion without prior notice.

How do you delete a video on Dailymotion playlist?

To delete a video from a playlist, you have to delete this connection:
  1. you can issue a DELETE request to /playlist/<PLAYLIST_ID>/videos/<VIDEO_ID>
  2. also, if you want to delete the whole videos from the playlist, you can issue a POST request to /playlist/<PLAYLIST_ID>/videos with an empty ids query-string parameter.

What is daily motion video?

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing tech platform that is owned by mass media conglomerate Vivendi. The website looks similar to YouTube, where you can stream and upload videos. … As Dailymotion gained popularity, it made relationships with top content creators such as HBO and Showtime.