Is it pronounced Ibiza or Ibitha?

We pronounce it “eye-bee-tha”, which seems to be the accepted British English pronunciation, whereas it should be “ee-bee-tha” in Spanish. Hope this helps! Because eye-bee-tha (or quite often these days, eye-bee-fa) is the accepted pronunciation of the name “Ibiza” in British English.

How do locals pronounce Ibiza?

How do Spanish say Ibiza?

If they are speaking Spanish, it’s “Ee-bee-tha” – but locals are just as likely to call it by its Catalan name – “Eivissa” – pronounced, very approximately – “uh-ee-VEE-sa.” People from other Catalan-speaking regions will pronounce it “uh-ee-BEE-sa.”, with a B sound instead of the V sound.

How is Barcelona pronounced?

As to the pronunciation of Barcelona, in Catalan it is pronounced almost the same as in English. … For those who have heard Catalan people pronounce it as “Barthelona”, that was probably because they were speaking Spanish: in the variety of Spanish spoken in Catalonia it is pronounced “Barthelona”.

Why do Brits pronounce Ibiza Ibitha?

Ibiza is a Spanish island, and the “z” in Castilian Spanish–Spanish spoken in Spain–is pronounced “th.” The Brits are simply pronouncing the island the way they have heard the Spanish speaking about their own country.

Why do Brits love Ibiza?

A new survey of European holidaymakers’ travel habits for 2017, carried out by TripAdvisor, reveals that Brits favour the White Isle as the most popular place for short haul trips away. Ibiza remained number one thanks to its sparkling mix of amazing world-beating clubs, pristine beaches and terrific weather.

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Czech Pra·ha [prah-hah].

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