What is Bo Tay?

Bó tay literally means hands are tied. When your hands are tied, you give up. It’s because it is not possible to do anything or anything better than what someone already did (as in the 3rd meaning). That’s why Bó tay is usually used with the meaning “to give up/ to surrender” when we encounter a really hard issue.

What is BỒ?

(colloquial) you, my pal/mate/buddy.

What does Hon mean in Vietnamese?

Verb. hôn • (㖧) (especially on the lips) to kiss Synonyms: mi, thơm.

What does status mean in Vietnamese?

noun. /ˈsteitəs, (American also) ˈstӕ-/ ● the position of a person with regard to his legal rights etc. địa vị, thân phận.