Why was George against a sea trip?

Upon hearing this terrible advice, George pipes up that they should go up the river instead. He argues that they will have “fresh air, exercise and quiet,” and eventually, this is what the three friends decide to do. They reject the sea trip because none of them can agree that a week’s voyage will prove enjoyable.

What do we learn from Three Men in a Boat?

The three men finally decide that they are better off on the dry land. The author is largely saying to work through worries directly rather than trying to forget them, learn not to complain and be contended with what one has. It also depicts the bonding among friends.

What happens in the end of Three Men in a Boat?

The rain continues for two days, and the three men cannot muster enough gumption to complete the final two days of their proposed river trip. Their decision to give up and spend the rest of the trip at an inn is the climactic turning point of the story.

Where did three men go for a picnic?

They spend the first night tied up at “Picnic Point,” somewhere past Staines. The second day, they go to Magna Carta Island, have lunch below Monkey Island, and spend the night in Marlow at the “Crown.” In Marlow, on the third day, Montmorency has an encounter with a cat.

What suggestion was finally agreed upon Why?

What suggestion was finally agreed upon? Why? A. The suggestion was agreed upon, was to go up the river because of the fresh air, exercise and and change of scenery would occupy their minds and the hard work would give them a good appetite and make them sleep well.

What do we learn about the three friends from the way they are packing?

The three friends are shown to be rather disorganised in the way that they pack for their trip. Jerome forgets to put in various items, which have to be pointed out to him by the others. … They pack the hamper after Jerome has finished packing the other things, and they make a mess while doing so.