How do I get rid of the ticking noise in my engine?

It might be the lifters

These lifters can get worn out over time, which inevitably causes a metal-on-metal ticking noise at idle and upon acceleration. Regular oil changes should be able to mitigate the sound, however, in some cases, you made need to get the lifters replaced by a mechanic.

Is it bad if my engine is ticking?

The tick in your engine could be normal based on the design of your engine or could just be from normal wear from your engine running. … As high-pressure exhaust escapes from a break in the manifold or a leak in the gasket it will sound like ticking or clicking especially at idle or low engine RPMs.

Can you drive a car with a ticking noise?

Car making ticking noise could be a normal affair depending on the design of the engine. … Fuel injectors are small electrical valves that make clicking and ticking sounds when quickly opening and closing at idle. Ticking of the injectors is normal and you can drive without any worry.

Can bad spark plugs cause ticking sound?

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs that do not work properly, much like misaligned valves, will cause the engine to misfire. … Whatever the cause, spark plugs seal each respective cylinder. If a spark plug is loosely fitted or cracked, the combustion and exhaust gases can bypass the seal, causing a ticking noise.