What is the message of the movie under the same moon?

When all is said and done, that’s what Under the Same Moon is about – the love of a woman for her child and the need for that child to search for his mother. There’s a universality to this theme – one that crosses borders and trumps positions.

Is under the same moon based on a true story?

When people ask me if this is a true story, I tell them that it is based on 4 million true stories. These women have no other options and make the most difficult sacrifice of all because no mother would leave her child unless she was desperate. That was something I wanted to explore.

What is the ending to under the same moon?

In the end, Rosario marries Paco, and the three of them live together and they become citizens. Meanwhile, Enrique gets out of jail and sees Carlitos and they become friends. This would be a good ending because it shows what happened after they saw each other again.

What is the conflict in under the same moon?

The main concept of the story is the struggle Carlitos undergoes trying to reach his mom who lives in L.A. and throughout the film he is forced to surpass a series of obstacles that kids his age don’t commonly have to face.

Who is Oscar in misma luna?

Ernesto D’Alessio
Ernesto D’AlessioOscar
Gabriel PorrasPaco
Ignacio GuadalupeLeonardo
Isaac BravoChito

Why did Rosario get fired from her job in Mrs Mckenzie’s house?

Rosario’s boss. We suspect her husband was with a younger woman behind her back and she didn’t like having Rosario around him too…so she fired her.

What is the significance of the moon in La misma luna?

Moon- The moon was an important symbol in the movie because it was the one thing that made the mother and the son feel closer to eachother, ” Valiente” (Brave)- Carlitos had to be brave and not cry because it showed weakness and their family wasn’t weak.

What is Carlitos job?

La Misma Luna
Why can’t Rosario call the police when the lady doesn’t pay her?She’s illegal.
What job does Carlitos get and what happens there?tomato factory, the INS come
Who does he leave the tomato farm with?Enrique
Who picks them up?A band, Los Tigres del Norte

Why are Rosario and Carlitos apart?

The film concerns a mother and her son who have been living apart for four years. Rosario (Kate del Castillo of the recent Trade ) chose to illegally cross the border so that she could make enough money to support her nine-year-old son Carlitos (Adrian Alonso) and her ailing mother.

Where was under the same moon filmed?

“La Misma Luna” was filmed in only five weeks in both Mexico and Los Angeles where the two protagonists only shot one scene together. Riggen does a phenomenal job as she examines the daily lives of Rosario and Carlitos played by Mexican superstar Kate del Castillo and Adrián Alonso, respectively.

What is the secret Carlitos tells Enrique?

How and when does Carlitos’ mother find out that he has fled México? Q. What is the secret that Carlitos tells Enrique? … sees his mother across the street.

Where does Carlitos mom live in under the same moon?

He has been living with his grandmother (Angelina Pelaez) for the past four years, since his mother, Rosario (Kate del Castillo), left their home in Mexico to live and work in the United States. Their only connection is a weekly telephone call.

What happens in La misma luna?

A young Mexican boy illegally travels to the U.S. to find his mother (who is illegally in the U.S.) after his grandmother passes away. UNDER THE SAME MOON (LA MISMA LUNA) tells the parallel stories of nine-year-old Carlitos and his mother, Rosario.

Who helps Carlitos cross border?

The man who helps Carlitos, crosses the border to get to New York with his friends. Gives self up for Carlitos in the end. You just studied 36 terms!

Who does Carlitos work for?

Carlitos has a tendency to act wise beyond his years, making it easy to forget he is under 10 years-old. To earn a little money, Carlitos has a job working for the local coyote, Doña Carmen (Carmen Salinas), who facilitates illicit border crossings.

How does under the same moon start?

Plot. The film tells the story of Rosario, a single mother who crossed the US/Mexican border., leaving behind her son, Carlitos. Rosario describes the area around the payphone to Carlitos in detail. … When his grandmother dies, Carlitos finds the coyotes and crosses the border.

Who is Alicia in under the same moon?

Under the Same Moon (2007) – Maya Zapata as Alicia – IMDb.

Who produced under the same moon?

Under the Same Moon/Producers

Is there an English version of Under The Same Moon?

A Mexican boy whose mother is working illegally in the U.S. heads for the border, but an already treacherous journey becomes even more so when he is separated from his smugglers. Subtitled.