What does being excellent mean?

Excellence is being good at a good thing. It means that you strive to be the best you can be and to do the best you can do. Excellence reflects moral virtue and therefore strives toward what is positive, valuable, and praiseworthy.

What is the example of excellent?

The definition of excellent is someone or something as exceptional or of high quality. An example of excellent is the taste of fine chocolate to a chocolate lover.

What is a word better than excellent?

1 worthy, estimable, choice, fine, first-rate, prime, admirable.

Does great mean excellent?

exceptionally outstanding; notable; remarkable: a great occasion. highly significant or consequential; important: the great issues in American history. distinguished; famous: a great inventor.

What is the base word of excellent?

“unexcelled, distinguished for superior merit of any kind, of surpassing character or quality, uncommonly valuable for any reason, remarkably good,” mid-14c., from Old French excellent “outstanding, excellent,” from Latin excellentem (nominative excellens) “towering, prominent, distinguished, superior, surpassing,” …

What is the root word of excellent?

Etymology. From Middle English excellent, from Old French excellent, from Latin excellēns (“elevated, exalted”), present participle of excellō (“elevate, exult”), equivalent to excel +‎ -ent.

How do you say someone is great?

100 Ways to Say “Great!”
  1. 100 Ways to Say Said.
  2. 250 Ways to Say Went.
  3. 100 Ways to Say Bad.
  4. 100 Ways to Say Good. Admirable! Amazing! Arresting! Astonishing! Astounding! Awesome! Awe-inspiring! Beautiful! Breathtaking! Brilliant! Capital! Captivating! Clever! Commendable! Delightful! Distinguished! Distinctive! Engaging!

How do you say this word great?

How do you describe someone’s special in one word?

Here are some words to describe someone you love: affectionate, affable, attentive, amicable, brave, caring, considerate, cheerful, easygoing, faithful, forgiving, gentle, good listener, honest, heartfelt, kind and humorous.

Adjective Words to Describe Someone You Love.

What is another word for great man?

What is another word for great man?

How do you say thanks?

How do you say great in British?

Blinding‘ is a positive term meaning excellent, great, or superb.

How do you read supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

How do you say sorry in British?

How do you talk thin?

How do British pronounce Hello?

Why do Brits say sorry all the time?

And why do Brits use it so much? Well, in the British culture, saying ‘sorry’, or apologising in general, is a way to be polite, especially to people who you don’t know very well. … So maybe saying ‘sorry’ is not just being polite, but it is also a good method to get what you want too!

How do you say please in British?

How do you say hello in American?

Which nationality apologizes the most?

In fact, they say “sorry” even more, with one study finding British people using “sorry” 50 percent more than Americans. If you’re ever even a little uncertain if you’ve offended someone in some way, it can’t hurt to throw out a “sorry.”

Is America apologized or British?

Apologize is the standard American English spelling. Apologise is the standard British English spelling.

Why do people overuse the word sorry?

One common theory, which fairly accurately explains my overuse of the word “sorry,” is that being perceived as rude is so abhorrent–especially to women— that we need to make ourselves less obtrusive before we speak up. We also say sorry to display humility and as a way to avoid or quickly end conflict.