How do I write a letter to bank for return cheque?

The cheque was deposited in ____________ (Branch) but due to __________________ (Insufficient amount/ signature differ/cheque stale/date error/payee name differ/ any other difference – Mention reason) cheque got bounced. I request you to kindly provide me with the returned cheque at the earliest. I shall be thankful.

How do I notify a customer of a bounced check?

Include a letter in your postal mail or a note in your email recapping the date of purchase, when you were notified of the bounced check and the extra fees charged to your account. Respectfully request payment by a reasonable date. Do not exhibit anger or threats to your customer.

What do I do with a returned cheque?

What should I do if I have a check returned?
  1. Make a deposit to cover the payment and any bank fees. Merchants may submit bounced checks for payment more than once. …
  2. Communicate with the payee. Hopefully, you can tell the payee you’ve made a deposit to cover the returned check and any associated fees. …
  3. Address bank fees.