How much does it cost to buy a turducken?

At, we’re committed to bringing you the best TurDucKen prices on the web ($119.99), delivered straight to your door anywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii. ALL ORDERS PLACED ON TURDUCKEN.COM ARE SHIPPED FOR FREE, AND WE GUARANTEE YOUR TURDUCKEN TO ARRIVE FRESH.

Does Whole Foods sell turducken?

Each Whole Foods Market will offer turduckens with a variety of savory stuffing flavors for this holiday season. No need to dust off your boning knife — our seasoned butchers do the work, including the deboning, so you just have to cook, carve and eat. … Cooking a turducken is not that different than roasting a turkey.

Does Walmart carry turducken?

Pork & Sausage Jambalaya Turducken, 13lbs –

Does fresh market sell turducken?

Our Turduckens are made fresh in store so see your neighborhood butcher for availability. Want to try it but not sure how to cook it? Try our recipe for Turducken with Bourbon and Thyme Gravy.

Does Costco carry turducken?

Echelon Foods Turducken with Italian Sausage Stuffing – 11 lbs | Costco.