Is Kevin Durant Playing 2021?

Durant will play the 2021-22 season on a $40.9 million deal and the extension will begin in the 2022-23 season.

Who signed the biggest contract in NBA history?

Michael Jordan was the first NBA player to sign a contract worth over $20 million and in fact it exceeded $30 million as well in a season (1996-97); this was a record he had held for 15 years.

Paul George$33,005,556Los Angeles Clippers

How much is Kevin Durant worth 2021?

Kevin Durant’s net worth in 2021

According to Spotrac, Kevin Durant has earned $303 million in salary alone during his career, while Celebrity Net Worth claims the small forward has received another $150 million from endorsements, with a net worth in 2021 of $200 million.

What’s Steph Curry’s contract?

The Golden State Warriors have achieved the most important goal they had this offseason after they reportedly agreed a four-year contract extension with Stephen Curry worth $215.4m which will take Curry through the 2025-26 NBA season, when he will be 38 years old.

How tall is Demarcus Cousin?

6′ 10″
DeMarcus Cousins/Height