Which is the best definition of omniscient?

Full Definition of omniscient

1 : having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight an omniscient author the narrator seems an omniscient person who tells us about the characters and their relations— Ira Konigsberg. 2 : possessed of universal or complete knowledge the omniscient God.

What does omniscient mean in the dictionary?

having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things. noun. an omniscient being. the Omniscient, God.

What is omniscient in a sentence?

Omniscient sentence example. His power is limitless, his anger at wrong-doing unassuageable, and he is omniscient . Such a view is essential to any theistic view of the universe which postulates God as the Creator, omniscient and all-good. Immortal doesn’t mean omniscient or anything.