How much should a 1 and a half year old weigh

How many pounds should a 1 and a half year old weigh? An infant will usually triple her birth weight by the time she turns 1. The average 1-year-old boy weighs between 19 and 27

What is a good score on the praxis

What percentage is a 160 on the Praxis? The possible score range is between 100 and 200 points. The percentage of correct answers will translate to a value on the 100-200 scale. For example, if

Are pup files bad

Are PUP files safe? PUPs do not act like classic malicious programs that damage, lose or steal your data. Thus, many users may ask themselves if it is actually worth their time to remove the

What was the three out of five compromise

What are the 3 parts of the 3/5 compromise? Of all the compromises on which the Constitution rested, perhaps the most controversial was the Three-Fifths Compromise, an agreement to count three-fifths of a state’s slaves

Does vinegar repel mosquitoes on dogs

What keeps mosquitoes off of dogs? Some essential oils — including tea tree, neem, lemon eucalyptus, and citronella — can be useful in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away from your dogs, but it’s important

How cold does it get in tennessee

What is the coldest month in Tennessee? January January is Memphis’ coldest month, with an average high of 48.6 degrees F and an average low of 31.3 F. The average monthly precipitation is 4.24 inches.

What factors are involved in the judgement of art

What is the Judgement of art? Judgment: Judging a piece of work means giving it rank in relation to other works and of course considering a very important aspect of the visual arts; its originality.

How big can asparagus grow

How big can asparagus grow if not harvested? Asparagus spears reach up to 7 feet (2.1 meters) as they grow to look like ferns. They are harvested for eating at 6 to 10 inches tall.

What does a prairie dog look like

How can you tell a prairie dog? Physical Description. Prairie dogs have small ears, relatively large black eyes, a short tail, and muscular legs. They are recognized as falling into two subgroups, with the black-tailed

Are there sharks in turks and caicos

Are there any shark attacks in Turks and Caicos? Turks and Caicos has an amazingly low shark attack rate despite the number of sharks in the area. There have been only three recorded shark attacks
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