What is in furikake seasoning

What is a substitute for furikake seasoning? Substitute for Furikake Crumbled nori (seaweed), sesame seeds, or togarashi (has red pepper so don’t over season). Depending on the recipe you may want to just leave it

What type of poem is mirror by sylvia plath

What type of poem is the poem mirror? “Mirror” is a personification poem. That is, the poet has given the mirror a first-person voice. So the poem begins: I am silver and exact. What genre

Can you have rice noodles on keto

Do rice noodles have carbs? yes Rice noodles/Has Carbohydrate Are Chinese noodles Keto friendly? Chinese food can be high in carbs from rice and noodles, sugary sauces, and battered and fried proteins. Fortunately, several lower

Why is doordash so expensive

Why are fees so high on DoorDash? Yes, DoorDash does inflate the prices on the menu. They do so in order to maximize profit. Is DoorDash more expensive than uber eats? DoorDash’s service fees are

What can you put in diesel to ruin the engine

What will damage a diesel engine? Diesel engine power loss can usually be attributed to something wrong with the fuel or the fuel delivery. In the case of contaminated fuel, this will affect your diesel

How do you convert 02 to percent

How do you convert 0.2 to percent? Steps to convert decimal into percentage Multiply both numerator and denominator by 100. 0.2 × 100100. = (0.2 × 100) × 1100 = 20100. Write in percentage notation:

What color is flaaffy

What color is a shiny Flaaffy? All three members of the Mareep family including Flaaffy and Ampharos will be bright pink in their shiny form, so there will be no mistaking them when they show

How do you redeem a runescape card

How do I redeem a code on Osrs? Code redemptions Players can redeem the following codes from Diango by right-clicking on him and selecting Redeem-code. osrsrf2014 – Unlocks the cow-themed Home Teleport animation. What do