Is Downton Abbey based on Upstairs, Downstairs?

‘Downton Abbey’ boss admits they ripped off idea from ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ The executive producer of Downton Abbey has made a confession about the show’s origin. … Set in a large townhouse in London’s Belgravia area in 1903, Upstairs Downstairs ran for five seasons on ITV from 1971 to 1975.

Is Downton Abbey the sequel to Upstairs, Downstairs?

“Downtown Abbey” may be the best known “above and below stairs” drama, but before “Downton,” there was “Upstairs, Downstairs. Twice. The period series premiered on British Television in 1971 and was resurrected in 2010 with a new, all-star cast, including Keeley Hawes and Ed Stoppard.

Is Upstairs, Downstairs a remake?

Created and written by Heidi Thomas, it is a continuation of the London Weekend Television series of the same name, which ran from 1971 to 1975 on ITV. The series resumes the story of 165 Eaton Place, the fictional setting of both iterations of the programme, in 1936, six years after the original series concluded.