How do I get rid of the message notification when there are no messages iPhone?

Here are some easy steps for turning off text message push notifications:
  1. Go to settings and click on Notifications.
  2. Click on the messages icon.
  3. Turn the slider for Allow Notifications off.

Why is there a message notification but no message?

If your Android is constantly notifying you of new or unread text messages that don’t exist, it’s usually due to your messaging app’s cached or saved data. Sometimes these issues will clear up automatically upon receipt of a new message, so try asking someone to send you a message first.

How do I get rid of ghost mail?

How to Remove Ghost Emails from Outlook?
  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Go to This PC and select Local Disk (C: ) drive.
  3. Navigate to: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15.
  4. Double click on Scanpst and enter the name of the corrupted PST file. …
  5. Click Start to start the scan.
  6. Click on Repair option to fix the corrupted file.

Why do I have ghost messages?

A phantom text message that is the result of a mobile phone’s malfunction appears when checking your device for incoming messages. … If you read the newer message before leaving the text message box, the indicator may remain activated even after you leave the message inbox.

Why is messenger telling me I have a message when I don t?

Facebook users can send Messenger requests to connect. … Those Facebook system notifications can often be the cause of the glitch that causes the unread message badge to show on the Facebook mobile app. This irritating issue is often caused by the use of Facebook emoticons, sentiments, and feelings.

How do I turn off ghost notifications?

One method is to click Apps, then Settings and then “Notifications.” You will see a list of your phone’s apps, each with an on-off switch. Turn them off one at a time to see if the unwanted tone goes away.